Teens' Party Time

Growing up is about constantly discovering — and actually developing — who you are. It can be hard work, but it’s constantly happening… and even the way you celebrate says something about you. A Carnival cruise gives you a great party spot and plenty of chances to cut loose. You’ll find your social calendar pretty booked — we’ve scheduled a whole bunch of chances to hang out with other teens and get to know them — and of course, yourself — better. Variety matters, so it’s not just the same party over and over again; different themes let you try on different experiences, whether it’s the high-fashion Dress To Impress Party, the glam of the Red Carpet Party, or the spicy Mexican Fiesta. Oh, and who doesn’t instantly become three times cooler behind a pair of shades? (Yep, there’s a party for that too.)

The Details

Age Range: 12-17
Cost: Included with cruiseIncluded

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