Alchemy Bar®'s Cucumber Sunrise

When your recipe has a base of muddled cucumber and a wheel up top for garnish… you’re getting fancy. Add other fruit flavors and you’re on your way to someplace refreshing! Try this drink at home and raise a glass — and a pinky, if you’d like. Tonight we drink to vacation!

a fork, plate and spoon SERVES 1 serving
clock TOTAL TIME 5 Min
hand holding a serving platter DIFFICULTY 1/5
  • 2 oz Belvedere vodka
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • 1 oz Monin watermelon syrup
  • 2 cucumber wheels
  • 3/4 oz orange juice
This is all you need to do:
  1. Drop the cucumber wheels into an empty pint glass (or cocktail shaker). Muddle those wheels.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients. Add ice, then cover it to prepare for shaking.
  3. Shake it for five seconds — no more, no less… unless you really feel like it — then strain into a chilled glass. (Double-strain if possible — first strain through the regular strainer, then a fine strainer.)
  4. Fancy bonus! Okay, maybe it’s not that fancy. But hey — why not serve with a cucumber wheel on the glass?
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