Sail and Sign Holds

Are you seeing multiple pending amounts on your credit/debit card?

On embarkation day, an initial hold was placed on your card. Throughout the cruise, additional holds were obtained as needed when your Sail & Sign account balance exceeded the amount of the initial hold.

After you leave the ship, Carnival posts the final charge to your credit card or debit card on file. Some banks use the individual funds that had been held to pay us, and some banks use a new set of funds. This may make it look like you are being double charged. Don’t worry, that is not the case. The remaining holds will be automatically released by your bank. The release of these holds is entirely up to your bank, and can take 5 business days.

If it has been more than 5 business days and you are still showing holds from your cruise, please call your bank and ask them for the fax number they use for “hold release requests.” Once you have that number, please fill out the required form below. Our Sail & Sign Department will fax your bank as soon as possible to request the release of the holds on your account.

NOTE: CHASE Bank requires that their customers call the bank directly to have Carnival holds released. Additionally, Bank of America and Discover do not release holds ahead of the standard five business days.

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