Pizza Delivery

So here's the problem: you're having an amazing fun time on your cruise and a craving strikes. You need pizza! Your options are: 1) let the craving go, 2) put the fun on hold to go get a slice, 3) pull out your phone and snap a selfie — and now one's on its way! If you're wondering when you became a wizard, may we remind you that you actually used the Carnival Hub app? Any time of day, or night, pick your toppings, tell us where on the ship you’re hanging out and, optionally, take a selfie to help the delivery folks find you. (Delivery’s just $5 per pie… and the pizzas are always free!) Wow, you look hungry — we'll get a fresh one on its way to you, ASAP(izza)!

The Details:

Meal Time: 24 Hours
Age Range: Fun For All
Cost: Additional