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St. Croix, USVI

Cruises to St Croix offer some of the most striking scenery you can see on a cruise — on land, on the water, and beneath it. The island also has a fascinating history. St. Croix’s path to becoming a U.S. Virgin Island took it through the hands of France and Denmark. While we’re talking geography, cruises to St. Croix let you explore a variety of it, ranging from the east end’s desert vistas to rainforest and palm trees on the west. Underwater, coral reefs are abundant, making SCUBA diving a great way to see best-hidden local sights during cruises to St Croix. As far as unwinding goes, there’s rum — the good stuff — and plenty of it, with famous brands’ distilleries located right here.

  • Explore 40,000 acres of land and sea across Buck Island Reef National Monument.
  • See St. George Botanical Garden, with plants from cacti to exotic lush rainforest flora.
  • Get the full tour of the Cruzan Rum Distillery to see — and sample — the distillation process.
  • Tour the nearby Christiansted, learn about local Danish history and explore Fort Christiansvaern.