Beary Cuddly Workshop

Most kids have a favorite teddy bear, that one stuffed buddy they remember with the fondest of cuddly memories. They don’t usually have a concrete reason for choosing a fave… it just kind of happens, but their devotion to that lucky bear is unshakable. Their favorite bear may very well be the friend they don’t just design, but bring to life at Beary Cuddly Workshop aboard their Carnival cruise. In fact, the new friend may even be a stuffed dog, cat or lion — or something else — from a whole zoo’s worth of choices! Select the exclusive St. Jude bear and it won’t matter if the new addition gets lovingly dragged all over town or simply enjoys a quiet life on a shelf — by creating one on your cruise, Carnival and your kids are teaming up to support the kids of St. Jude!

The Details

Age Range: 2-11
Cost: Additional fee appliesAdditional

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