Fortune Teller

If you’ve had the pleasure of strolling New Orleans’ French Quarter in the evening, you’re not alone in the feeling that mystery and surprises lie around every corner. Carnival has its own tribute to this Crescent City neighborhood aboard Mardi Gras™, and a French Quarter zone on a new ship wouldn’t be complete without an unassuming little bar that feels like it’s always been there… while hinting at something more.

It’s this ambiance you’ll find at Fortune Teller, a place where anything may just be possible. The Victorian elegance and mysterious décor suggest a rich history, whisper a word about the mystical… and our crystal ball is reminding us to not forget the amazing cocktails! High spirits truly abound here, and Fortune Teller’s unnaturally talented bartenders would be pleased to conjure up recipes like the all-black New Moon, the changes-color-before-your-eyes Abracadabra, plus the Golden Galaxy… this drink is actually made with a bit of authentic gold.

Call us supernatural, but we’re sensing vacation fun in your future.

The Details:

Age Range: 21-100
Cost: Additional