See the World

Everyone can expand their horizons on a Carnival cruise…but it’s especially true for teens. Cruising allows for unique experiences viewed through a new lens. That’s why we’re hosting See The World, special authentic celebrations that expose teen cruisers to holidays and traditions from cultures around the world. Actual activities will vary by ship and age group, but we celebrate Holi Festival, which originated in India, with authentic craft activities, rickshaw races and a Bollywood-style dance class, to name a few! We honor the Japanese Cherry Blossom Celebration with traditional elements such as an anime drawing class, a tea ceremony, origami lessons, and a Zen musical soundscape. And that’s not all…we mark the occasion of the Philippines’ Panagbenga Festival with a flower parade, cultural jewelry-making activity, a Tagalog language scavenger hunt and more. Our See The World program is proof that enriching fun can happen on vacation!

The Details:

Age Range: 12-17
Cost: Included