The Golden Mermaid

To find uncharted flavors, never before seen on land, we had to dive deep. Far below the waves we met a mermaid. This one swims the depths of the oceans to find the glittering, long-lost treasures of ancient civilizations. Oh, and it wasn’t just any mermaid. This mermaid was golden. You’ve gotta trust us… or you can join us at The Golden Mermaid, where tasting is believing, and the amazing drinks are just the beginning of the magic. Some of the mixological treasures we’re recovered from the deep? Cocktail recipes inspired by precious metals and gemstones, drinks served in exquisite glassware, plus garnishes like edible glitter to remind you of sunlight streaming through the waves from up above! All this glitz pairs perfectly with live music, making this the perfect place to relax with an elegant drink before or after dinner.

The Details:

Age Range: 21+
Cost: Additional