Dr.Inks, Ph.D.

In life, there are important, difficult questions to answer. An example: can an octopus enjoy a cocktail underwater? Don’t ask how it works… but the answer is yes. We know this thanks to the extensive research of Dr.Inks, Ph.D., the cleverest of sea creatures. She spends her time beneath the waves pondering the big ones while still finding time to sip. And here the drinks aren’t just tasty, but truly unique, with color-changing cocktails, layered shots, jellyfish cocktails and more drinks featuring garnishes like boba pearls and seafoam. At the bar you won’t just enjoy some of her favorite drinks — they’re as visually striking as they are tasty — but go ahead and look through some of her books, journals and fountain pens. But there’s live musical entertainment nearby, right on the stage, because even octopuses needs to let their hair down.

The Details:

Age Range: 21+
Cost: Additional