Onboard Internet

Is vacation a time for disconnecting? Yes! But isn’t it a great time to stay connected and share the good times you’re having with everyone back home? Also yes! That’s why your Carnival® cruise lets you decide just how in-touch you want to stay. Looking to share every moment as it happens? You’re gonna love our onboard WiFi, which lets you do the social thing and connect your phone, tablet or laptop wherever you are on the ship. Our WiFi service is also perfect if you’re just looking to check in every now and then — have a glance at your email, check the news and maybe send a note home. This means you can enjoy the kinda-connected life, with three WiFi plans to choose from. And for vacation purists looking to get away from all the news feeds and trending whatevers… we get it, so a Carnival cruise can be just as disconnected as you want to be.

The Details:

Menu: WiFi Packages
Age Range: Fun For All
Cost: Additional