To Italian palates, amari are drinks that have a clear purpose. Well yes — for fun and enjoyment, for sure — but these iconic herbal liquors and bitters actually have an important place in Italy’s unique relationship to flavor and food. Aperitivi drinks play the role of a before-dinner palate primer, while digestivi are typically sipped after you’ve eaten. So come on over and you’ll find a menu of both types at Amari, where they’re there for straight-up sipping the traditional way — best experienced by ordering the Amari Sampler — but they also add an Italian sparkle to mixological creations like the Negroni Sbagliato, Bitter Giuseppe, Pineapple Rum Negroni and Pistachio Martini, plus fan-favorites from Alchemy Bar. Alla nostra!

The Details:

Age Range: 21-100
Cost: Additional