The art you’ll find up on the walls at Rococó™️… let’s just say it was inspired by the classics. One part timeless mainstays, plus a dash of what’s new! The same goes for the cocktails too — sipping standards with fresh twists — and everything on the menu looks as great as it tastes, for example: Sicilian Iced Tea, Mango Margarita and Rum Jumper. (Okay, credit where it’s due: we’re getting a little help from some friends… Carnival’s own RedFrog® and BlueIguana!) But the spotlight here is on the frozen drinks, so don’t miss those: go for stone-cold basics like the Piña Colada or Red’s Strawberry Daiquiri, enjoy some cool Italian flavors in the Limoncello Kiss or Bellini Sparkle… or layer on the flavor with mixes like the Miami Vice or Italian Flag. Freddo!

The Details:

Age Range: 21+
Cost: Additional