There’s no limit to the refreshing fun on a Carnival cruise: go for a swim, hit the spa, maybe eat some soft serve. But our Fun Italian Style ships have a cool new choice: Frizzante! This bar specializes in bubbles and all the fun those bring. That’s right, sparkling Italian wines are at the core of the cocktail creations we’re serving up, with an amazing spritz selection including the complex Campari, traditional Aperol or spicy Ginger… while wine tasting flights let you sip with a purpose: discovering new favorites among the fruits of Italy’s vineyards! Imported Italian beers and liquor cocktails are on the menu too, with fan-favorites like the Negroni, Americano and even a selection of martinis made with freshly-pulled shots of espresso. And with that espresso machine right over there, Frizzante is a great spot to stop in any time you’re ready to sip something hot, fresh and authentic… with a biscotti side.

The Details:

Age Range: 21+
Cost: Additional