Rudi's Seagrill

$49.00 / Adult
$13.00 / Child
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When the food arrives at the table it’s smiles all around, especially on a Carnival cruise! But can you remember a time when your plate beamed one back? That just isn’t how it works… except at Rudi’s Seagrill™. This new fine dining restaurant, exclusively aboard Mardi Gras™, was dreamed up to serve delectable seafood classics that keep more than just an eye on the presentation — more like a whole face.

Rudi’s Seagrill is the brainchild of Chef Rudi Sodamin, and you’ll quickly discover that this award-winning culinary artist loves fun as much as Carnival does.

The focus here is seafood, and whether we’re talking about his signature face-based dishes or options with a more traditional presentation, Rudi’s delivers everything with an artful flair that will have your taste buds beaming!