Delos: The Sacred Island of Antiquity

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Mykonos, Greece
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In ancient times, the heart of the Cyclades group of islands was considered to be the most sacred island in Greece, Delos. On board a local boat, set sail towards this mythical island, where legend says the twin gods Apollo the god of music, light, harmony and beauty and Artemis goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and the moon, were born. Pilgrims from around the Aegean Sea would come to Delos to worship Apollo and offer their prayers and gifts. In the 5th C BC, the Athenians passed a decree proclaiming that it was forbidden to be born or to die on the island, as birth and death were considered a terrible desecration of the land that had given birth to two important deities. Delos was also a major trading center, especially during the Roman era, and today archaeological evidence of its glorious past can still be admired. At the beginning of the 19th C AD, remains of the ancient town were discovered on the island, other finds included the famous marble lions of Naxos, three temples dedicated to Apollo and houses with splendid mosaic floors. Re-join the local boat for the short sail back to Mykonos Town and enjoy exploring this famous vacation island on your own returning to Tourlos Port on the shuttle at your own expense.

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