12 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Cruise Lovers

The holiday season can be a stressful time, especially when it comes to finding gifts for all your close friends and family members. Finding a meaningful gift can be challenging, but it helps to know some of their interests when looking for a gift.

If you have friends or family members that love cruising, you’re in luck! There are lots of gifts that are perfect for people that love to go on cruises. Here are 12 gifts perfectly suited for cruise lovers:

1. A Paid Cruise!

If you feel like doing something extra special for the cruise lover in your life, a cruise is perhaps the most appropriate gift. Instead of simply giving them a physical item, you will be providing them with days (or weeks) of memories.

a man and a woman about to go on the slides at waterworks

2. A Cruise-Themed T-Shirt

If gifting a cruise isn’t in this year’s Christmas budget, a cruise-themed T-shirt can be an appropriate (and more affordable) gift option. Best of all, cruise shirts aren’t limited to being worn just on a cruise. If the person you’re gifting to truly loves cruises, chances are they’ll wear that shirt every chance they get.

3. A Digital Video Camera

A digital video camera is an excellent way to remember special events — cruises included! There are a few excellent options on the market, depending on the types of activities your cruise lover prefers doing during their cruises.

If possible, remember to also include a waterproof case. That will help ensure that their video camera stays safe and can even go with them into the pool or the beach!

4. A New Set of Luggage

Frequent travelers and cruisers get a lot of use out of their luggage and chances are their current set is showing more than a little wear and tear. A new set of luggage is a great way to provide a practical gift. You can also try to match their color and style preferences, further personalizing the gift.

packed luggage ready for a cruise

5. Snorkeling Gear

If that cruise lover also loves getting into the water, snorkeling gear can be a useful addition in their luggage. Since cruise-goers have the opportunity to swim in lots of new and exotic waters, snorkeling gear is a perfect way to see all there is to see in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, The Bahamas or wherever else the cruise takes them.

 a couple sitting on a beach with snorkel gear

6. A Travel Map

Frequent cruise-goers tend to visit a lot of places around the world — many of them on a cruise! A travel map they can hang on the wall and add pins to is a great way to help them remember all of the experiences they’ve had around the world.

7. A Waterproof Bag

Between the pool deck and the sandy beaches, water is a fact of life on a cruise. A waterproof bag can be a useful way to keep the essentials — such as a phone, wallet, cash and keys — from getting wet and ruined.

8. Power Adapters

So many people bring phones, tablets, laptops and digital video cameras with them when they travel — and chances are, your cruise lover is one of them. Having so many different devices can make it difficult to charge everything at once from the stateroom. That makes a power adapter another perfect and practical gift.

9. A Cruise-Themed Christmas Tree Ornament

While your cruise-goer only gets to see a Christmas tree ornament once a year, it’s a great way to memorialize their love for cruises. There are lots of different styles out there, and you can even make a personalized Christmas ornament with their name on it.

10. A Fancy Bottle of Wine

At Carnival, cruise-goers over the age of 21 can bring one bottle of wine on board — why not make it a fancy one!

A nice bottle of wine can be the perfect send-off if you know a cruise lover that is going to be on a cruise during the holidays. Since Carnival cruises have festivities that run from November 24 through Christmas Day, there’s a good chance that bottle of wine will be a part of their holiday festivities.

a man pouring a glass of wine for his wife

11. A Digital Picture Frame

With so many photos taken on smartphones and digital cameras, it can be difficult to remember truly special and memorable photos. A digital picture frame is a perfect complement for frequent cruise-goers. They’ll be able to put one or more photos from each of their cruises on their dedicated “cruise frame.”

12. Onboard Credit

If you aren’t sure exactly what to get that cruise-lover, onboard credit is always a safe bet. They’ll be able to enjoy one of the many meals, drinks, excursions or other events available on board, and they’ll have you to thank! If you want to enhance their cruise experience but don’t want to pay for the entire trip, an onboard credit is a perfect compromise.

These are just a few examples of the many different gifts you can get for cruise lovers. The most important thing is to get them a gift that is meaningful and comes from the heart. If you can do that, then anything you get them is sure to be appreciated.