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Caribbean Island-Hopping: Why A Cruise is the Way to Go

A vacation planned around Caribbean island-hopping is certainly bound to be a unique, exciting and memorable trip. With so many Caribbean islands so close to one another, island-hopping lets you easily visit multiple destinations in a short period of time. This also allows you to experience the fun, beauty, culture, food and attractions of many different places all in one trip!

woman lounging on a hammock and drinking out of a coconut in the caribbean

While there are many options for planning a Caribbean island-hopping vacation on your own, the best and easiest way to visit many of the islands and really enjoy all they have to offer is with a cruise to the Caribbean. Carnival® offers many options for visiting these amazing tropical locales, and each Carnival cruise ship lets you choose which islands you visit.

carnival horizon passing through the castillo san felipe el morro in old san juan

Take the time to browse through the choices for Western Caribbean Cruises and Eastern Caribbean Cruises, then read on to discover why Caribbean cruises from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, New York and Galveston are the best way to experience island-hopping in the Caribbean!

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No Need to Worry About Transportation

Planning to island-hop in the Caribbean involves lots of travel and transportation plans. Aside from the costs quickly adding up, organizing reliable, quick and safe transportation options can also be quite stressful.

With Carnival®, however, a Caribbean cruise includes transportation to a number of different islands, so you can simply enjoy your vacation with your friends or family.

And the best part is that while you are at sea, you can enjoy the numerous activities onboard the ship, watch entertaining shows and partake in the delicious dining options offered by Carnival Cruises!

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You Get a Lot More For Your Money

Caribbean island-hopping on your own also means booking multiple hotels or resorts. This can be very expensive, and it also means you’ll waste a lot of time packing and unpacking at each destination, not to mention traveling to each accommodation.

A Caribbean cruise, however, is as luxurious as staying at an all-inclusive resort throughout the length of your trip and all for one affordable price. You don’t have to worry about finding accommodations at each island, and you’ll only unpack once when you arrive on your cruise ship!

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Flexibility to Choose Your Itinerary

Because Carnival offers cruises to the Caribbean of varying lengths and with different destinations, you’ll have more flexibility in choosing which islands you’d like to visit. You don’t have to worry about one location being too far away to travel to on your own, simply because the cruise ship will take you there.

And, with many shore excursions available at each port of call, you’ll get the chance to enjoy some of the best beaches, attractions, food and scenery each Caribbean island has to offer!

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It’s the Best Way to Relax and Enjoy Your Vacation

So the transportation and accommodations are already taken care of, and because you also get to pick and reserve your excursions in advance, all that’s left for you to do is relax and enjoy every minute of your cruise!

That means you get to truly maximize your vacation time and eliminate all the planning and research you’d normally have to do if planning to go Caribbean island hopping on your own.

No rushing to catch flights or boats to the next island, no rushing to pack and leave your hotel before check-out and no time wasted on researching where to go once you reach each island. It’s all taken care of for you!

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You Can Truly Immerse Yourself in Each Destination

With more time to spend enjoying each island, you can immerse yourself in the culture of each island. The variety of excursions allows you to pick activities and attractions that cater specifically to you, so you can make the most of each port of call.

Whether you just want to relax on a white sand beach while sipping a cocktail, or if you want to explore an island on an ATV, you’ll find shore excursions let you do all of the above and much more!

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In addition to the opportunity to visit multiple islands, you’ll enjoy onboard activities, pools, restaurants and entertainment. And you’ll definitely be bringing home cherished memories, lots of great photos and some unique souvenirs!

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Whether you choose to cruise to the Caribbean from New York or from Miami, a cruise is the best way to go Caribbean island-hopping. Skip the stress of planning a vacation featuring multiple destinations and book a Caribbean cruise instead. All you need to do is decide whether you want to visit the Western Caribbean or the Eastern Caribbean, and leave the rest to Carnival!