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Things to Do in Baltimore: Before or After Your Cruise

Things to Do in Baltimore: Before or After Your Cruise

  1. Explore Inner Harbor
  2. Shop at Harbor East
  3. Hunt for Treasures at Antique Row
  4. Visit the Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
  5. Take a Stroll at Federal Hill Park
  6. Discover Creativity at the Baltimore Museum of Art
  7. Hike on Mount Vernon
  8. Catch a Baseball Game
  9. Savor the Cuisine at Little Italy
  10. Experience Dining at Fells Point

Vibrant Baltimore is home to famous sites, historic neighborhoods, and a world-class culinary scene. It’s also a popular departure point for cruises to The Bahamas, the Caribbean and which means you’re in for a treat before or after your cruise. Stay for a few days to explore the Charm City’s sparkling array of attractions. Best of all, many of them are located just a hop, skip and a jump from the seaport, so sightseeing is a breeze.

Check out the following things to do in Baltimore and get ready to be thoroughly charmed.

baltimore skyline during the sunset

Shopping in Baltimore

This port of call is heaven for shopaholics, with unique boutiques, huge retail centers, outlet malls, upscale stores and markets to discover.

Inner Harbor

Start or finish your cruise from Baltimore with some retail therapy, at a festive marketplace and mall situated in the heart of famous Inner Harbor. You’ll find crafts, collectibles, shoes, leather goods, big brands, clothes and all-important souvenirs to buy.

Harbor East

When you travel to Baltimore, spend time strolling along the waterfront of Harbor East. This is one of the city’s trendiest spots, with theaters, spas and restaurants galore. Fashion also takes center stage here, so you can browse locally-owned boutiques and high-end stores while taking in spectacular water views.

woman window shopping in the baltimore harbor

Antique Row

Baltimore is a popular weekend getaway destination, especially among those who love searching for unique treasures. At historic Antique Row, you’ll find ceramics, clocks, books, furniture, fine art, silver and decorative bronze items to add to your collection at home.

Sightseeing in Baltimore

Travelers from across the globe flock to Baltimore to discover a wealth of historic sites, world-class art and action-packed baseball games. In fact, there’s so much sightseeing to do, you might consider adding an extra few days to your cruise vacation, just to fit it all in.

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

Before you depart on your cruise to Bermuda or the Caribbean, a must-see destination in Baltimore is Fort McHenry National Monument. The fort defended the Baltimore harbor in 1812, successfully stopping a British attack. Now, you’ll enjoy ranger talks, flag changes, videos and exhibits highlighting extraordinary history.

aerial view of fort mchenry national monument in baltimore maryland

Federal Hill Park

A rolling green hillside, panoramic Inner Harbor Views and historic monuments grace Federal Hill Park. The area is steeped in history, from serving as a site of public gatherings in pre-Revolutionary times to acting as a defensive stronghold during the War of 1812. Pack a picnic to soak up the views or gaze at the starry sky by night.

couple sitting on a bench in federal hill park looking over baltmore suburbs

Baltimore Museum of Art

The Baltimore Museum of Art is a free attraction that will delight art lovers. Founded in 1914, it houses a renowned collection, including 19th-century, contemporary and modern art. Don’t miss out on visiting the spectacular sculpture gardens, featuring two terraced gardens with 33 masterworks of sculpture.

woman looking at art in the baltimore museum

Mount Vernon

Baltimore’s cultural center, Mount Vernon, is a picturesque place of galleries, shops, restaurants and museums, located north of downtown. Visit the museum to see medieval armor, Egyptian mummies, European masterpieces and Asian art. Admire the city’s first Catholic Cathedral and stop by the Maryland Historical Society to see the original copy of “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

washington monument in the center of mount vernon baltimore


One of the top things to do in Baltimore is to sample the adrenaline-boosting action of a baseball game. The stadium opened in 1992 and is the home of the city’s famous team. It’s just a short walk from Inner Harbor and also offers a statue garden of famous baseball players, pubs and eateries.

man raising his hands during a baseball game in a baltimore stadium

Dining in Baltimore

The culinary scene in Baltimore is a treat for your taste buds, with everything from craft beer to fresh seafood and flavors from the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Italy. Whether you choose casual pubs or fine-dining, don’t forget to try the local specialty – Maryland blue crabs.

Inner Harbor

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is a buzzing hub of fantastic eateries, along with Maritime attractions and an array of shops, so you could spend days in this area alone. Diners are spoilt for choice, with seafood, grills, pizza, bakery goods and ice creams ready to tempt the taste buds and satisfy hunger. As for Maryland blue crabs, you’ll definitely find them on menus here.

siblings eating ice cream in inner harbor baltimore

Little Italy

For family-run restaurants and romantic ambience, head to Baltimore’s Little Italy, located just a few blocks from Inner Harbor. You’ll find scrumptious cuisine from every region of Italy, as well as outdoor movies, festivals and quaint, narrow streets for strolling after dinner.

family eating pizza in an italian restaurant in baltimore’s little italy

Fells Point

A waterfront community with British nautical roots, Fells Point is lined with charming 18th and 19th-century houses and storefronts. Restaurants here are known for Chesapeake Bay cuisine, specializing in oysters, striped bass and blue crab. You’ll also find Latin-inspired food, lively taverns and bars to sample craft brews.

couple eating sea food in fell point baltimore

As you can see, taking a few days out of your cruise vacation to explore Baltimore brings endless opportunities for shopping, sightseeing and dining. From Inner Harbor to historic shrines and a dining scene made for foodies, this is one port of call you’ll want to return to, time and again.

Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by ship and destination.