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Things to Do in New York: Before or After Your Cruise

The combination of a thrilling Carnival cruise and a city that never sleeps can make for a truly memorable cruising experience. Whether you’re cruising from New York to the quaint and historical ports of call in New England and Canada or the warm and sunny beaches of Bermuda and the Caribbean, New York can serve as a colorful, adventurous and unique place to begin or end your vacation with Carnival.

new york city skyline

In fact, with the seemingly endless variety of entertainment choices, some of the finest dining in the world, shopping for every possible taste and interest, and world-class museums, you might have some difficulty choosing which New York experiences to fit into your schedule. Coupled with the countless cruise activities while aboard, your cruise from New York promises to be something you’ll never forget.

Entertainment Choices for Everyone

While you’ve likely heard of most, if not all, of the many entertainment choices available in New York, experiencing them firsthand is an entirely different story. From theater to music, sports to leisure, New York has something for every possible mood, budget and interest.

Live Performances on a Grand Stage

If you love live performances, New York is definitely for you. Along Broadway, you’ll find the newest plays performed by some of the world’s greatest actors, along with revivals of the classics you might have already seen — but never on such a grand, entertaining stage.

broadway street sign

Likewise, New York is brimming every night with live music of every kind. In its famous concert halls you can hear classical pieces performed by the some of the greatest musicians in two of the most renowned theaters in the world. If something a bit more contemporary is more to your liking, lower Manhattan is filled with clubs and bars that are alive with the sounds of jazz, rock, blues and country each and every night.

For the Sports Fan

New York City is also synonymous with sports and sports venues. With two baseball stadiums, basketball and hockey in its famous indoor arena, and football just across the river every Sunday in the fall, New York is a sports fan’s paradise.

man watching a pro sports game in new york

Of course, being a sports fan also means sharing your love for your teams with other fans. In Times Square, you can watch a game with other fans in one of the many sports bars built to provide colorful, memorable and fun experiences surrounded by fellow fans.

A Park for the People

The island of Manhattan was designed to have a great park serving at its heart, providing the pulse and life of the entire city. In Central Park, New Yorkers and visitors alike can still walk its many quiet paths, stroll across the Great Lawn, and simply enjoy the meditative oasis the park provides, all from the center of one of the busiest, most robust cities in the world.

overview of central park

Dining for All Tastes and Budgets

Of course, New York is also known for its incredibly varied dining options. If your particular tastes run a bit upscale, you’ll find some of the finest restaurants in the world within the city. While you’ll want to plan ahead and book reservations, you’ll have no problem finding world-class examples of cuisine from all over the world.

classic new york city style pizza

The food in New York isn’t simply about fine dining, however, as the street food, pizzerias and delis are equally as vital and integral to the New York food scene. With its thin crusts and huge taste, New York’s unique spin on pizza will make you want to get back to the city as soon as possible.

A Shopper’s Paradise

Just like its dining options, New York is also known for its thousands of stores, boutiques and shops, making it a must-see destination for a truly unique shopping experience before or after your cruise vacation.

For starters, every shopping spree through New York should include at least a walk down Fifth Avenue. Lined with stores and boutiques from some of the world’s most famous brands, Fifth Avenue might not be always be easy on a budget, but it can certainly send a shopper’s heart fluttering with everything from designer purses and shoes to the most elegant dresses and jewelry imaginable.

people walking on fifth avenue

The bargain hunters can also delight in the flea and street markets found throughout midtown. From knickknacks to antiques and an endless variety of unique items that might only be found in New York, the markets around the Garment District in midtown have a character, inventory and overall feel that embody the New York shopping experience.

World-Class Museums

Whether you’re just starting your Carnival cruise or looking for a cultured way to end your vacation, a trip to one of New York’s many famous art museums will surely leave a lasting impression. With choices that span the many different styles and facets of art, the exhibitions you’ll find will intrigue and inspire, no matter if your tastes lean toward past masters or modern boundary-pushers. Likewise, New York’s history museums chronicle the events that have shaped the city, America and human civilization itself.

As the saying goes, New York is a state of mind. Between the entertainment, dining, shopping and culture found in the city, you’ll find the perfect state of mind to accompany the memories you create on a Carnival cruise from New York.