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Travel Part II: How to Do the Southern Caribbean with Kids

I pride myself on being the best dad I can be, so when Carnival approached me to do a partnership with them, I knew my boys would love it—they did. I did. We all did.

It’s definitely the most kid-friendly cruise line. As I mentioned, it’s the sweet spot between being kid-friendly, while still appealing to adults. If you saw my first post here, then you’ve already caught a glimpse of what I’m talking about. If not, make sure you do so after reading this one.

This is Part II and I’m covering the indoor activities, like this sizable Video Arcade! My kids, especially the toddler, loved it. The twinkling lights pulled him in immediately, unlike the protest of tears that met my outstretched arms when it was time to leave.

Man in arcade with his kids on the ship

Luckily, there was the Seuss-A-Palooza parade to pull him out of there. I’m pretty sure seeing Thing 1 and Thing 2 was the highlight of his trip.

Man in Dr Seuss hat performing to crowd

Of course like any seasoned cruiser, I had to show Cole Bingo. Once he found out that the jackpot was $5k, he had us rush over. We found a place to sit, and he immediately fell in line with all the other serious players.

Kid playing bingo on the ship

Between activities, I had the kids do puzzles at one of the many kids spots throughout the ship. This helped to calm then down some before dinner. A necessary thing when you want to really enjoy your food (more on the food over in Naomi’s article here).

Man with his kids and jigsaw puzzle

On the days we weren’t outside at the Waterworks water park, or playing at of one of the outdoor parks, we did things like watch movies on a full-size IMAX theatre, wuhhit? Yep, we did.

Imax theater ticket booth with two guests queueing on ship

And when we were done there, we headed to the Thrill Seekers Theatre equipped with moving chairs, spraying water and real bubbles in your face.

There is no shortage of activities, but my favorite one of them all was the Dive-in Theatre. This was a movie at night, on the deck, in the open sea air and under the blankets with the boys and Naomi. We did this every night we were there. Most of the time, we would order take out from one of the premium restaurants just to secure our seats.

The boys and I are already planning our next cruise and the Dive-In is a must-have feature.

This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.