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Our Rockin’ Night With Nick Jonas and Carnival LIVE!

Carnival ship fin

We recently had a bucket list moment. Well if we’re honest, it actually wasn’t something that was even on our bucket list. It was something SO AMAZING we could not have even dreamt it up! Three of our favorite things combined to make up one amazing experience, and a night we will never forget.

First thing: We saw Nick Jonas in concert. Second thing: The concert was on a Carnival cruise. Third thing: The cruise was heading to The Bahamas. So we got to rock out, on a ship, en route to a tropical paradise. Ya, it was pretty freaking cool. While the night was one crazy-fun blur, we’ll do our best recount some of our highlights.

wife holding wine with vip badge


nick jonas vip badge


couple with nick jonas vip badges in black and white


If you’ve ever cruised with Carnival® before, you know their performances are top-notch. Whether you’re at a comedy show or a Broadway-style production, they’re meticulously executed and the performers are always incredibly talented. This concert was no exception. Experiencing a Carnival LIVE concert made us never want to go to a “normal concert” again. All of the stress that comes with finding parking at a venue, waiting in line to get your seat, waiting again to get drinks, and finding your far-away nosebleed seats… It’s a lot for anyone to handle. Amazingly enough, Carnival LIVE shows don’t have ANY of that. You can take your time getting to the show – after all, it’s only a few decks away from where you’re staying! The venue is intimate – there isn’t a bad seat in the house, and servers are constantly taking care of you, making sure you’re never without a drink. And not to mention you and everyone else at the concert are cruising together… it creates a bond in the audience that’s really, really fun. You’re all there to have a great time, sing along, and enjoy your vacation. The joy in the room is undeniable!

nick jonas singing with purple background

There’s no denying that Nick ROCKED the boat. (Get it!?) He sounded incredible, and the acoustics onboard were insane. We rocked out to “Close”, sang along to “Jealous”, and swayed back and forth to an acoustic version of “Lovebug”. The lights, the ambiance, the music… it was all so good. We even made friends with the people sitting next to us, and by the end of the show we were all dancing and singing together like we had known each other for years. Everything about the night was so much fun. We kept having to pinch ourselves that this was real!

nick jonas singing with purple and pink background


nick jonas singing with blue and white background

And then as if it couldn’t get any better… at the end of the night we were lucky enough to meet Nick and take a picture with him. Say what?! We had the VIP package, which is SO WORTH the extra cost. You get great seats, and then at the end of the night you get to meet the artist. So yeah, we got to meet Nick Jonas, and we were freaking out. He was so cool, we were so awkward (what’s new), and just like that it was over. We walked out of the theater, up to the Pizza Pirate (because that’s where every night should end), and tried to wrap our minds around what had just happened. We just saw (and met!) an incredible artist on a Carnival Cruise ship. It all felt like a dream!!

couple posing with nick jonas

So, moral of the story. If you like good music, good friends, and incredible vacations… Go to a Carnival LIVE show. Take a look at future Carnival LIVE performers, and if you see somebody you love (2017 included Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Jay Leno, and more!), remember that you will be SO CLOSE to them, and may have the opportunity to meet them at the end of the night! And you can go to bed and wake up in tropical paradise! Please book a Carnival LIVE cruise and thank us! And take us with you. Please.

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