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10 Romantic Shore Excursions for Honeymooners

There’s no better getaway for couples than a cruise to a gorgeous destination. Once aboard a Carnival cruise ship, you can hide away in your stateroom, enjoy the onboard activities, or settle in at a table for two in any of our fabulous dining areas. And once you come into port, we’ve also arranged some truly romantic shore excursions to make your trip one you’ll always remember.

Try one of these top 10 shore excursions to cap off a perfect honeymoon:

1. Rhythms of the Night in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sail into a secluded cove where you’ll enjoy a spectacular music and modern dance show tucked away in the jungles of Las Caletas. Take in the history and culture of Mexico while enjoying a meal at a private beachside table after the show. A romantic sunset on the way back to the ship provides the perfect ending to a perfect day — and you still have the evening to enjoy aboard the ship.

2. Horseback Ride and Swim in Montego Bay, Jamaica

As if a cruise to Jamaica weren’t romantic enough, you can also tour the beach in the most wonderful way possible with your new spouse: on horseback. You’ll soak in the quiet together as you explore the ruins of a windmill, a historic sugar plantation and the marvelous scenery of the mangrove forests of the Caribbean. Gentle animals and a perfect pace make this an outing to remember.

riding horses in the ocean

3. Sunset Cocktail Cruise in Aruba

After all the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, there’s no better way to shake off any residual stress than with a delicious drink in hand as you enjoy a magical sunset. Stunning coastal scenery is a feast for the eyes, and you’ll sway in time to the rhythm of Caribbean music as you cruise around the Northwest point of Aruba.

cocktail at sunset

4. Island Helicopter Tour in Antigua

What better way to take in the highlights of Antigua than a romantic helicopter ride for two? A private helicopter awaits you and your sweetie for an exhilarating flight over Antigua’s breathtaking south-west coast beaches. Snuggle up as you fly over the extraordinary Cades Reef, Rendezvous Bay, historic English Harbour and Shirley’s Heights Lookout – seriously, what could be better?

half island helicopter tour over antigua

5. VIP Wine Tasting With Gourmet Lunch in Ensenada, Mexico

Of all the romantic cruise activities available, this one is a highlight for foodies. Travel to Mexico’s wine country to tour El Cielo winery, sipping their wares all the while. In the summer you’ll even be invited to participate in an old-fashioned grape stomp before you sit down to a lunch of gourmet delights in a restaurant overlooking the scenic vineyard.

wine glass being poured

6. Intimate Oceanside Dinner Experience in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

No future weekend getaway will ever live up to this unique experience along the Pacific Ocean, but that’s the point of a honeymoon! At Rancho San Cristobal, you’ll explore the pristine dunes with a pre-dinner drink, and you can even meet the camels if you like — they even greet with a kiss! Dinner is served under the stars for a relaxing evening you’ll never forget.

7. Germaine’s Luau in Honolulu, HI

Even though a luau is a big, bold party, we still count it as a romantic, must-do experience when honeymooning in Hawaii. As the sun sets, you’ll be treated to a marvelous Hawaiian buffet and an unforgettable Polynesian show. Sip your drink and laugh together as you take in the high-energy performances under the stars. It’s the quintessential Hawaiian honeymoon experience.

group of hula dancers at a luau

8. My Bahamian House: A Select Retreat in Freeport, The Bahamas

Kick off your first days of marriage by imagining life together in paradise. This special excursion allows you to enjoy a waterfront home in Freeport — one that comes with a bartender, private watercraft and access to a private cove for fun in the sun and sand. A private chef will prepare your meal in the kitchen, where you can feel free to join in for a lesson or spend time in the private canal garden instead.

9. Golden Glassblowing Experience in Skagway, Alaska

Alaska is filled with rugged beauty, but local artisans make it even more special by adding their talents to your shore excursion. Glassblowing is a fascinating art form, and you’ll be mesmerized as the swirling colors take shape. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make your own glass ornament together, complete with a bit of the gold that first attracted settlers to the Last Frontier.

glassblowing in a factory

10. Restless Native Discovery Cruise and Snorkel in Bermuda

Enjoy the pink beaches of Bermuda on a pink catamaran that takes you to a secluded cove for snorkeling. Through the ultra-clear waters you’ll see a whole new world that lies beneath the waves. You’ll also enjoy tales of Bermuda’s colorful history, complimentary snacks and drinks, and a sail across crystal seas.

couple snorkeling

These unforgettable shore excursions are the perfect way to make an already outstanding cruise even better. The right excursions will add variety to your trip and can inject a dose of excitement or total bliss into your honeymoon. Choose a romantic destination or activity to enjoy together, and you’ll make memories that you’ll still be talking about when you celebrate your fiftieth wedding anniversary together.