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Why You Should Visit the Rockland Estate in St. Maarten

Why You Should Visit the Rockland Estate in St. Maarten

  1. Flying Dutchman
  2. Pirate Sky Ride
  3. Soualiga Sky Explorer
  4. Sentry Hill Zip Line
  5. Top of Sentry Hill
  6. Canopy Tour
  7. Schooner Ride
  8. Emilio Wilson Museum


Cruising to St. Maarten just got better. Thanks to the grand opening of Rainforest Adventure’s Rockland Estate on the historic Emilio Wilson Estate, there are a greater number of fantastic things to do during your cruise vacation to St. Maarten. You will definitely earn bragging rights when you embark on the park’s signature ride, the Flying Dutchman. After all, it’s not every day that you get a chance to ride the steepest and fastest zip line in the world!

The park showcases the island’s natural beauty and offers exciting rides and experiences to fuel your adrenaline. Like other sustainable adventure parks, Rockland Estate is dedicated to preserving the area’s natural environment while providing thrilling one-of-a-kind activities.

four friends going down flying dutchman, the steepest zip line in the world

An unforgettable visit to this stunning park is available as one of our many St. Maarten shore excursions. Mix and match your adventure to take advantage of the exact rides that are calling to you – or do them all! Find out just what adventures await you at the thrilling and beautiful Rockland Estate eco-adventure park.

Flying Dutchman

Feel the thrill of the Flying Dutchman, one of the hottest new attractions drawing cruise vacationers to St. Maarten’s new Rockland Estate theme park. Dubbed as “The Steepest Zip Line in the World,” the St. Maarten zip line zooms at speeds of up to 56 mph. This exhilarating ride drops a full 1,050 feet in elevation over a length of 2,800 feet. Starting from the top of one of the highest mountains in St. Maarten, you are sure to take in stunning views as you zip down to the bottom of the Estate while securely harnessed in a chair.

view from the top of the flying dutchman zip line in rockland estate

Pirate Sky Ride

Drink in amazing views of St. Maarten and the neighboring islands on the Pirate Sky Ride. From your perch at the top of a ridge that is 2,630 feet in the air, your family or group can enjoy this ride in a four-passenger chairlift. Dangle your feet and feel the wind in your hair, all while safely strapped into your chairlift. A turn on the Pirate Sky Ride is a thrilling experience, to say the least!

Soualiga Sky Explorer

At the Rockland Estate, even your journey to the rides is a memorable adventure. The Soualiga Sky Explorer takes guests up to a transfer station for zip line and tubing rides, and then continues to the top of one of St. Maarten’s highest points. At 1,125 feet in the air, you’ll feel on top of the world, where you’ll be treated to spectacular panoramic views from one of the 68 suspended four-passenger chairs.

couple going down the soualiga sky explorer in rockland estate

Sentry Hill Zip Line

Zip lining in the Caribbean is the ultimate adventure for all ages. From the transfer station at the midpoint of the Soualiga Sky Explorer, you can stop to experience the exciting Sentry Hill Zip Line. This 1,600-foot, four-span line is sure to get your blood pumping as you zip past unforgettable vistas of the mountain ridge. Sure to become an unforgettable moment from your cruise vacation!

Top of Sentry Hill

Explore one of St. Maarten’s highest elevations via a network of walkways and platforms encircling the mountaintop. From the top of Sentry Hill, you’ll be blown away by uninterrupted 360-degree vistas of the island, plus views of neighboring Saba, St. Barts, St. Eustatius, and Anguilla. The Top of Sentry Hill is an experience not to be missed!

Canopy Tour

As promised, the Rockland Estate eco-park has something for everyone. For those seeking a slightly tamer zip line experience, be sure to take advantage of the canopy tour. You’ll use a series of connected zip lines to traverse the ridge of the mountain as you marvel at the natural beauty all around you. The Canopy Tour is a unique and interactive way to savor the natural beauty of St. Maarten’s rainforest setting.

man zip lining through the canopy tour in rockland estate

Schooner Ride

This is your chance to surf down the mountain at full speed! Starting from the midway point of the Soualiga Sky Explorer, you’ll fly past rugged landscape and tropical foliage on your 40-inch inner tube. The Schooner Ride is the ultimate ride for adventure-seekers, with a specially designed 657-foot chute filled with heart-pounding curves and speeding straightaways.

Emilio Wilson Museum

Take a deeper look into the park’s setting and its rich legacy at the Emilio Wilson Museum. Experience the powerful story of Trace Wilson, who was born into slavery on the property, and her direct descendant Emilio Wilson, who would later purchase that very same property. In this dynamic museum situated in a plantation home built in the 1700s, you’ll learn how Wilson became a renowned pioneer and preservationist of St. Maarten. You can also discover the customs, traditions, lifestyle, and stories that have earned St. Maarten the nickname “The Friendly Island.”

For many travelers cruising to the eastern Caribbean, zip lining is a must-do experience. So it’s no wonder a visit to this unique theme park is one of our most popular St. Maarten shore excursions. There are endless opportunities for adventure and enjoyment at Rockland Estate eco-park on St. Maarten.

Come and see for yourself why Rainforest Adventure parks have earned recognition from respected travel, ecotourism and media companies as one of the best and most sustainable theme parks in the world.

Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by ship and destination.