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The Bahamas with Carnival Live and Nick Jonas!

Last month I went on a cruise with Carnival to The Bahamas and it was amazing. I had so much fun traveling to the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and hanging out onboard the ship.

Giant checkerboard on Carnival Victory deck

But the absolute highlight of my whole trip was the Nick Jonas concert I got to go to. I have loved Nick forever and was so excited to get to see him live!

Nick Jonas Singing

Carnival hooked us up with VIP passes and told us there would be a special surprise before the concert and to meet at the Alchemy Bar at 6pm. We had no idea what was happening so Jess and I were just hanging out and drinking our Moscow Mules when Nick Jonas walked out from behind the bar! He started serving us drinks and talking with everyone.  He even made us a speciality drink (which was really him just mixing random things together) but it was actually really good!!! It was such a crazy experience and we were so excited to see his concert after that!

Noelle’s Carnival Live VIP passes

Nick Jonas bartending at Alchemy Bar

For the actual concert we were right up front and it was so so awesome.  Nick was absolutely amazing live and he played all of my faves. Everyone in the crowd was so into it. The theatre wasn’t huge either so it felt super up close and personal. It was probably one of my favorite concerts I’ve been to!

Nick Jonas singing on stage

Overall the entire cruise was perfect but seeing Nick live was definitely one of the best parts!

Noelle and Nick Jonas

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