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The Best Onboard Activities to Do During Rainy Sea Days

Although most people picture a typical day onboard a cruise as one filled with endless blue skies, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. However, even if rain clouds are overhead, with so many things to do onboard Carnival ships, you’ll never have a problem having the time of your life, even when it’s pouring outside. Whether you’re cruising by yourself, as a couple or with your family, Carnival cruises are filled with unique activities and experiences to make even the wettest days memorable ones.

Rainy-day Fun for the Single Guest

Maybe you’ve decided to treat yourself to the The Bahamas cruise you’ve been dreaming about, finally arrived onboard, walk out on the deck and see the rain clouds starting to form. Although the weather might not be exactly what you imagined, you should feel anything but disheartened, as every cruise is filled with fun and exciting things to do for the single guest on a rainy day.

Onboard Casinos

Even when the dark clouds are overhead, you can always enjoy a hot Vegas night inside one of our thrilling casinos. Between slot machines, blackjack, poker tables and our casino tournaments, there’s always fun waiting for you inside. Even better, if you join our free Carnival Players Club, you earn points while you play. The more points you earn, the more benefits you can enjoy, including everything from free drinks while you play to private invitations for Carnival Premier Cruises.

two guests playing the slot machines onboard

For the Inner Chef and Mixologist in You

Rainy days can also be a great opportunity to take in a cooking demonstration from one of our award-winning chefs. Over the course of an hour, you can watch and learn from some of the most skilled chefs on the seas as they meticulously prepare their renowned dishes.

martini tasting line up

After some time in the galley, you might want to try your hand at one of our mixologist competitions. While your friends might rave about the tasty concoctions you routinely create for them, your inner-mixologist will truly be tested by the best your fellow guests have to offer. If you prefer to sit back and taste the concoctions rather than make them, however, our Alchemy Martini Tastings allow you to sample the best of what we have to offer or even make a special blend according to your taste.

Fun for a Couple Even During Non-ideal Weather

Whether you’re on your honeymoon or a much-needed cruise to Mexico with your partner, rainy days onboard our ships can still make unforgettable memories you’ll never outlive. In fact, sometimes it’s those rainy days that allow you to truly discover everything our cruises have to offer.

Live Entertainment for Every Taste and Interest

Every Carnival ship is loaded with live entertainment for you to enjoy when the weather isn’t cooperating. At the Punchliner Comedy Club, you’ll laugh until you forget about the rain outside. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more theatrical, however, you can always catch a stage show or one of our Playlist Productions, bringing the entertainment of a Broadway production to your cruise.

comedian performing at onboard comedy club

Treat Yourselves to Some World-Class Relaxation

A rainy day might be a good opportunity to reward yourselves with some true relaxation. A couple’s massage is always a welcome retreat into the hands of our expert massage therapists. Whether a deep tissue rub or a detoxifying session is in order, you can find a massage to suit your liking and needs while onboard.

Afterwards, getting pampered at our Cloud 9 Spa might be the ideal way to cap off your relaxing day while staying in from the rain. With facial treatments, acupuncture, saunas and a number of services just for men, relaxation is only a few steps away while on a Carnival cruise.

Rainy-Day Fun Days for the Family

At first glance, a rainy day while cruising with your kids might seem a bit gloomy but, in reality, your children won’t even notice the weather with all the different things to do onboard.

Hollywood Hits on the BIG Screen

Every kid enjoys a trip to the movie theater to see their favorite superheroes and animated stars. While cruising with Carnival, your entire family can enjoy first-run movies in our IMAX Theatre, truly defining the term “big screen.”

kids watching a 3-d movie at the imax theater onboard

For the Older Kids

While onboard one of our exciting ships, sometimes tweens and teens enjoy a little bit of time away from parents and siblings. For that reason, our Circle “C” and Club O2 are great places for your older kids to hang out, meet new friends, listen to music or just play video games and relax.

teens dancing in club o2

Rainy days can provide their own unique thrills and excitement while on a Carnival cruise, and this list only scratches the surface of what’s available while onboard. Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple or with the kids, you’ll always find a way to make lasting memories and be delighted with your cruise, no matter the weather outside.

(Note: All Carnival cruises feature great onboard activities, but activities and amenities do vary by ship.)