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10 Different Types of Cuisine You’ll Find on a Carnival Cruise

A Carnival cruise is a great way to see the world. Whether you’re taking a family vacation to Hawaii or enjoying a honeymoon in the Caribbean, the onboard cuisine will make you feel like you’re circumnavigating the globe. That’s because Carnival’s incredible chefs cook up food from around the world, and you can try a different exotic cuisine every night if you like. Tasting the foods of different cultures is a great way to expand your horizons, and you’ll definitely never be bored with your selections. Here are some of the wonderful cuisines you can sample on your next cruise to The Bahamas or other ports of call.

1. Mexican

Even if you’re not planning to travel to Mexico, you can always eat like you are! The onboard BlueIguana Cantina serves up delicious burritos and tacos for both breakfast and lunch, and you can even choose your own tasty adventure at the salsa bar. Handmade tortillas elevate each dish to a whole new level. BlueIguana is included in the price of your cruise, so feel free to stop by any time you’re in the mood for a fiesta!

a breakfast burrito from blueiguana cantina

2. Italian

La dolce vita is well within your grasp when you dine at Cucina del Capitano — that’s the captain’s kitchen, for those who need to brush up on their Italian. No worries about your accent, because this menu will have you talking with your hands in no time. Come for the make-your-own pasta bar at lunch, or enjoy a dinner full of classic pasta dishes, antipasti, fried calamari and plenty of other Italian delights. Don’t miss the tiramisu for dessert!

a spaghetti dish at cucina del capitano

3. Indian

You don’t have to travel halfway around the world to experience the unique flavors of Indian cuisine — there’s a clay tandoor oven onboard, and it’s always fired up to make melt-in-your-mouth kebabs and masalas. Tandoor is a perfect lunchtime spot, as a wide range of dishes feature fresh produce and richly spiced sauces. There’s also plenty of chicken and fish, so come hungry!

kebab skewers at the indian tandoor restaurant

4. Chinese

Tired of worrying about which fork to use during the first course? Skip the silverware entirely at Chopsticks. If you’re used to getting your Chinese food delivered in a paper carton, you’ll be blown away by the stir-fried dishes available here, like honey beef and oyster-glazed seafood. There are also crispy vegetable rolls, fried rice and a wide range of items to mix and match for the perfect lunchtime plate.

5. Japanese

There’s nothing quite like fresh sushi to make you feel like you’re sailing the seven seas, and Bonsai Sushi delivers impeccably crafted seafood creations for both lunch and dinner. Of course, there’s more to Japanese cuisine than just sushi, so you can also sample some miso soup, wagyu short ribs and more. Finish it with some hot sake for a meal to remember.

sushi plate from bonsai sushi

6. Asian Fusion

There’s a lot more to Asian cuisine than just egg rolls, and JiJi Asian Kitchen pays homage to the rich food traditions of several countries, including Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. Try the tamarind and shrimp soup from Vietnam or the Himalayan basmati fried rice to awaken your palate to a whole new world of flavor.

7. Southern

When you crave comfort food, head to Ol’ Fashioned BBQ for some seriously smoky lunches and dinners. Slow-cooked pork butt, cole slaw and mac ‘n cheese hit the spot when you just want some home cooking to fill your belly — and your soul. Get it on a bun or eat it with a fork — your choice!

barbecued meats at ol fashioned bbq on carnival cruises

8. French

The Steakhouse may not sound French, but they serve up such carefully prepared food that you’ll think you wandered off to a corner bistro somewhere in the City of Light. Here you’ll be able to sample buttery escargots bourguignonne and creamy lobster bisque. Get your steak with the Béarnaise sauce for a classic French preparation.

escargot bourguignonne at the steakhouse restaurant

9. New England

Summer in New England means a trip to the beach and a stop at the local crab shack on the ride home. Embrace the salt air with the cruise food version of this tradition at the Seafood Shack. You’ll get a lobster roll, fresh fries and delicious clam chowder. If you prefer to put on a bib and crack into a whole lobster, you can do that too!

lobster rolls and fries from the seafood shack

10. Delicatessen

When you have a craving for a classic deli sandwich, go ahead and indulge it at The Carnival Deli. Here you’ll find all your favorites, like a tangy grilled Reuben or hot pastrami on rye. Sandwich meats are hand carved and made to order, and you’ll be able to get a kosher dill pickle on the side — just as you would at your favorite corner deli.

sandwich being prepared at the carnival deli

Carnival cruises have a variety of cuisines to satisfy any palate, so don’t be shy about trying something new on your next vacation. Half the fun is getting to try something different every day, so make sure to branch out and sample a little of everything. Who knows? You may just find a new favorite cuisine to explore — and you can always go back for seconds!

Note – Onboard dining options vary by ship.