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10 Fun Facts About Our First Carnival Cruise

Last month, Carnival sent us on our very first cruise as a family! The details: We went on a 7 day cruise aboard the Carnival Magic, leaving out of Galveston, TX, visiting Cozumel, Belize, and Mahogany Bay. We drove to Galveston from Dallas. Today, they are the reason I’m writing this post, bringing you 10 fun facts about our first Carnival cruise.

1. It was actually our first family vacation. (Not including staycations and trips to visit extended family, because let’s be real, family doesn’t bring us drinks at sea or know how to twist our towels into animals.)




2. There truly was something for all of us, ages 4 to 37.




3. There is an Elvis impersonator in Belize. It’s also basically paradise.




4. Magnetic hooks and an over the door shoe holder were the two best things we brought with us (in addition to cameras and clothes, obv.). The packets of powdered lemonade were the least useful things we packed. They have free lemonade everywhere.



5. Green Eggs and Ham is actually delicious. So are Truffula Tree Pancakes.  (And the Green Eggs and Ham  Breakfast with the Cat in the Hat and Friends is way fun.)





6. There is something to be said for the same 3 people serving you dinner every night, and that thing is, “Can they come home with me??” Our waiters were beyond amazing. Not only did they provide excellent service, but they were so great with the kids.


7. I eventually got sick of the sun. Just like, shut up, sun! Stop shining so much!



But that was okay because there was shade, and people who brought me drinks in the shade.



8. Unfortunately, that sun meant business, and it gave me a wicked burn despite lots of sunblock. No worries though because Scott and I got a couples massage in the ship’s heavenly spa (I would actually be okay with spending the entirety of my next cruise in their spa), and our massage therapists applied a milk protein treatment to our skin which was amazing.

No actual picture of the process because maximum relaxation was required, but here, enjoy this picture of the sunset.


9. We LOVED the excursions…


but some of the best fun we had was just unplanned relaxation…


including nightly movie rentals in our room. There was a great selection of kids and grownup movies for $5. Scott and I had time to catch up on movies we’ve been wanting to see for ages, after the kids passed out from exhaustion.

10. We had WAY more fun than we ever thought we would on a cruise. We went into it with pretty low expectations, and while I wouldn’t classify it as “luxury” or super fancy, it was definitely FUN. Honestly, the thought of anything fancy with children sounds horrifying.

Fun beats fancy any day with these two.



This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.