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10 Great Food Choices for Kicking-off Your Carnival Cruise Right

Whether you’ve been on plenty of cruises or heading out on your first one, a cruise vacation is always an exciting time! Cruisers can take advantage of the delicious cruise options available throughout the duration of your journey. The chefs have specially prepared these dishes for you and they are a must-try while you’re cruising on the ship. Check out some of the amazing food spots you can sample after you embark!

1. Seafood Shack

When sailing the sparkly sea, you might crave some delicious seafood. Whether you’re headed to Mexico, The Bahamas or somewhere else, you can grab a tasty treat at the Seafood Shack, a New-England-style seaside spot with great food and fantastic views!

a waiter holding a seafood platter at seafood shack

2. Cucina del Capitano

Craving a hearty Italian meal? Step into Cucina del Capitano for an authentic Italian experience. You’ll feel like you’ve wandered into Tuscany! Sample the fresh pasta and family-style dishes inspired by Carnival’s Italian captains.

pasta dish at cucina del capitano

3. Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que

No matter where you are headed, you’ll never be too far from good Southern cooking! Guy’s Pig & Anchor Bar-B-Que is the place to go for authentic, mouth-watering barbecue from none other than the amazingly talented Guy Fieri. You’ll have plenty of options, from the Championship Pork Butt to the Blue Ribbon Sausage and don’t skimp out on the delectable sides, like the Mac Daddy Mac n Cheese and the authentically Southern collard greens. It’s a perfect way to start your trip!

a bbq dish at pig and anchor bbq

4. Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast

If your kids are craving a tasty treat, sit down to an amazing feast at the Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast! It’s the best way to make sure they are fueled up and ready to set sail on the seas. The tables are brightly decorated and they can order their fill of Green Eggs and Ham, pancake stacks, Moose Juice, Goose Juice and other favorites they will recognize from the Dr. Seuss books. Kids can also interact with characters from the children’s stories while they eat!

dr seuss characters and families at dr seuss green eggs and ham breakfast

5. Pizza Pirate

Sometimes nothing can satisfy your hunger like a delicious slice of pizza pie! Head over to Pizza Pirate with your family for onboard dining you won’t forget. Carnival pie makers have perfected the art of tossing dough and serve up amazing pies with fresh toppings like prosciutto, pepperoni, mozzarella and more. Pair it with a Caesar salad and you’ll have all the energy you need to take off on the cruise of your dreams!

pizza chef tossing pizza dough at pizza pirate

6. Fresh Creations

Feeling peckish but want to opt for lighter fare? Fresh Creations has everything you need to create the most delicious salad you can find on land or at sea! It comes as part of your package, so beeline for the salad bar and fill your bowl with a variety of greens, rejuvenating proteins and fresh veggies.

fresh creations salad bar at serenity deck

7. JiJi Asian Kitchen

If you’re in the mood for an exotic treat, JiJi Asian Kitchen is just the spot. It’s a modern restaurant with a laid-back vibe and scintillating flavors! From curries to noodle dishes to amazing Chinese favorites, the flavors are always perfectly paired and can please any palate! Sample it right when you arrive and go back as often as you like – it’s a great option for a Caribbean getaway.

jiji asian food spread

8. Steakhouse

Sometimes you just need to sit down and treat yourself to a premium steak. The Steakhouse serves up only the highest-quality tender cuts of meat – you won’t regret making this your first meal onboard! In addition to your perfectly-cooked steak, you can also try the amazing appetizers, like tuna tartare, awesome seafood and sides. And, of course, don’t forget to pair your meal with one of the delicious wines from the curated wine list. By reserving dinner during the first day of a sailing, guests can get a free bottle of house wine (or 50% off a premium bottle).

maine lobster tail and grilled filet mignon at the onboard steakhouse

9. BlueIguana Cantina

If you’re craving fresh Mexican food, the BlueIguana Cantina has everything you could ever dream of. Whether you’re on a cruise to Mexico, Hawaii or the Caribbean, you can get your taste buds ready by indulging in a freshly made taco or burrito complete with homemade salsas and zesty hot sauces.

tacos at blueiguana cantina

10. Swirls

Interested in a sweet treat? When the outdoor temps start to spike, you can cool down with a frozen treat from Swirls! Pick a cone and choose your favorite ice cream and froyo flavor to enjoy out on the deck with a stunning view of the sea! It’s a great pick-me-up while you’re waiting to ship out!

soft serve ice cream cone from swirls

No matter what your taste buds are in the mood for, you’ll find it on your Carnival ship! You can treat yourself to delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Note: Dining options may vary by ship.