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8 Awesome Types of People You’ll Find on a Cruise

8 Awesome Types of People You’ll Find on a Cruise

What types of people go on cruises? If you’ve never been on a cruise before, you may be surprised at who you’ll meet. If you’re a veteran cruiser, you likely love to meet new people. Going on a cruise means that everyone is a traveling companion because you all chose the same destination, and most of you are taking part in the amazing shore excursions. It is possible to keep to yourself, if you prefer, but your fellow cruise passengers have much of the same agenda — to have fun and relax. Here are eight types of people you’ll likely find on your cruise. You never know, you may even meet some new, lifelong friends.

group of friends gathered for dinner on a carnival ship

Thrill Seekers

Thrill seekers are eager to discover exciting activities that involve physical risk. Here are a few places where you’ll find like-minded cruisers:

  • Destinations: On the intrepid cruise to Alaska there are helicopter tours and glaciers to explore. Sun seeking daredevils choose to cruise to the Caribbean where there’s adventure at every turn, from deep water diving to white water rafting.
  • Shore excursions: You can’t get more of an adrenaline rush than when you cruise to the Caribbean and fly down a mountain on the world’s steepest zipline in Maarten, where you’ll experience the ride of a lifetime.
  • Onboard activities: The thrills start onboard with SkyRide®, a bike course suspended above the ocean. You might find the adventurous booked on Mardi Gras, home of the first ever ocean roller coaster, Bolt: Ultimate Sea Coaster. Adventurous passengers will want to wake up their palate at international cuisine eateries, such as Bonzai Sushi or Jiji Asian Kitchen.

two people on skyride looking over the ocean

Lifelong Learners

Lifelong learners love to build up their repertoire of knowledge and skills. There’s plenty of opportunity to meet other knowledge seekers while on a cruise:

people learning about different foods from cuba

History Buffs

History buffs love adding to their vast well of historical knowledge. They’ll seek out cruises rich with cultural experiences that will give them a look into ancient times. Here is a look at some of the historical excursions:

group of people hanging out at serenity adult-only retreat

Shopping Enthusiasts

Shopping enthusiasts love the thrill of discovering a new and meaningful item that tells a story. Cruisers love to bring home memories from their favorite adventures.

  • Destinations: Cruisers love to bring a piece of vacation home, even if it doesn’t come from a store. That’s why shopping enthusiasts love cruising to Italy for a chance to make a rare purchase at a local jewelry factory and to Costa Rica for an opportunity to purchase works by local artisans.
  • Shore excursions: Every port is a shopper’s paradise, especially Thomas where you can shop the world famous Mountain Top or head to Jamaica’s Montego Bay for the Shoppes at Rose Hall.
  • Onboard activities: Where else would you find shoppers but strolling from store to store? Find everything from apparel and jewelry to liquor and makeup on board.

groups of girlfriends having a drink together at the redfrog pub on a carnival ship

Beach Bums

Cruisers tout their official beach bum status on a cruise. Beach bums love cruising to the world’s most spectacular beaches and spending time fully immersing themselves in the beauty.

woman drinking out of a coconut while lying on a hammock at the beach

World Explorers

Cruisers like to travel, explore the world, create lasting memories and share their experiences with their friends and family. Traveling to multiple ports of call truly excites the world cruiser.

  • Destinations: Seasoned travelers like to make things easy on themselves, which is why you’ll always find world explorers cruising to exotic locales in Europe, Australia, or taking Transatlantic and Transpacific
  • Shore excursions: World travelers are all about sightseeing and, love Croix’s scenic tours, Spain’s vintage train ride through Palma De Mallorca or a day touring Provence, France.
  • Onboard activities: World travelers can be found taste-testing onboard. Check out Cruise the Vineyards where wine lovers go for tastings. Then go where the world travelers relax, at Cloud 9 Spa in the Oriental and Aroma steam baths.

couple exploring a private island on a shore excursion


Open-minded folks prefer meeting new people from different cultures. They’re welcoming dinner table guests when you’re opting to eat in the main dining room. Here are other places you’ll find open-minded cruisers:

  • Destinations: Visiting different cultures opens the senses. A Transpacific cruise will do just that as you and your open-minded cruise mates visit new cultures in Guam, Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Shore excursions: Open-minded cruisers immerse themselves in culturally inspired activities. Cruise to Honolulu and spend a day learning about Polynesian culture complete with cuisine, dancing and demonstrations.
  • Onboard activities: The curious, unbiased cruiser can always be found at the Punchliner Comedy Club, poolside enjoying the diverse crowd and eating in the main dining room meeting new faces.

a comedian performing at carnival’s punchliner comedy club

Fun Seekers

Most cruisers want to have fun. Fun means different things to different people, but here’s where you’ll find fun seekers:

people dancing and singing along to songs at the piano bar

There’s never any pressure to meet new people on a Carnival ship, though the opportunity is always there. The mingling of passengers and the chance encounters you’ll have is what makes cruising one of the most popular vacations to take.

Disclaimer: shore excursions and onboarding activities may vary by ship and destination.