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Carnival Horizon: Top Picks for Active Fun Outdoors [Infographic]

If you’ve decided on a cruise for your next family vacation, you’ll want to meet our newest cruise ship, Carnival Horizon®. This ship is packed with features and amenities perfect for a family cruise… like fresh new staterooms, Carnival’s popular lineup of restaurants, bars and entertainment, plus a huge range of activities for all ages. Even better, a whole lot of this fun happens outside, where you can enjoy fresh ocean air and the glorious blues of the sky and the sea — the backdrop that gave Carnival Horizon her name.

carnival horizon top picks for active fun outdoors infographic

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A lot of people may think the appeal of a cruise vacation is the incredible destinations you get to visit — in this case, idyllic ports in The Bahamas, the Caribbean and Bermuda. But what everyone should know is that it’s also about all the fun you can have while aboard the ship! As our shiniest new ship, Carnival Horizon sails with all the latest and greatest. Here’s what you can expect when it comes to outdoor fun on Carnival Horizon.

Dr. Seuss WaterWorks

Carnival Horizon’s onboard waterpark, located on the sun-splashed top deck, is just full of the kind of wacky fun you know and love from Dr. Seuss classics like The Cat in the Hat. The side-by-side waterslides at Dr. Seuss WaterWorks were actually inspired by the book that’s been bringing imagination to life for generations. First there’s the Fun Things slide — all 285 feet of it — which was practically designed by the topsy-turvy Thing One and Thing Two themselves. And you can’t miss the red-and-white striped Cat’s Hat slide, modeled after the world’s most famously floppy top-hat. Take the plunge down this one and ready yourself for twists, turns and a heart-pounding rush — most people hit 12 miles per hour going down this slide.

Elsewhere at WaterWorks, water-spray toys and The Cat’s big, tipping top-hat keep the mayhem in motion. That hat will hold an impressive 300 gallons of water — which is about 4,800 glasses’ worth of water. But if you think that’s a big number, wait till you hear how much the entire WaterWorks park weighs — 49.4 tons, or about the same as six elephants!


Outdoors under the sun is also where you’ll find SportSquare on Carnival Horizon. Stop in if you’re looking for a little friendly competition, have fierce fitness goals to meet, or you’re just up for a little active fun. Get your body in the game and moving on the basketball or volleyball court — team up with family and friends, or find new buddies to dribble, shoot, spike and serve with. Nothing elevates your game of choice like playing it with ocean views and sea breeze in your hair, so soak it up.

For one of those games just about everyone loves, Carnival Horizon has mini golf — grab a club and face down a series of obstacles standing between you and the hole. The big beneficiary of this workout is your face muscles… think of all those smiles!

The games keep coming with ping-pong, Poly Pong, foosball and pool, just waiting for you. Don’t write these off as “easy” — you can get quite the workout by facing your opponent across a ping-pong table. (Imagine up to 500 calories per hour just burned away!) As for Poly Pong, the motto’s the more the merrier — over a dozen players can get into the action at the same time. In other words, you’d better bring your A game!

For a more traditional sort of workout, SportSquare has its own jogging track and selection of outdoor gym equipment. Lace up and hit the track — jogging seven laps equals one mile, while going for an eighth nets you almost exactly one nautical mile. Now, flex those biceps and get set to dip… it’s time to work up a sweat on the pull-up bar, elliptical machine, plus stations designed for chest, back, hip and leg strength exercises. (Try leg day at sea!) When it’s time to cool down, you can hit the stretching bench and take in panoramic ocean views. With views like these, it’s no stretch to say that SportSquare may change the way you see gym day.

Ropes Course

Looking for a sporty challenge with a twist? Head to Carnival Horizon’s Ropes Course, a ropes course like no other. If you stitched together the ropes used to create the course, you’d end up with a single rope that’s about six times taller than the Statue of Liberty! (But please don’t — the ropes course is more fun our way.)

When it comes time to tackle Ropes Course, you’ll get to do it your way. Choose from two levels of challenge and enjoy just the right amount of adventure. Whether you play on Easy or Hard, you’ll be safely strapped in for out-of-this-world views high above the ship. Add the height of the ship and Ropes Course safely puts you a full 150 feet above sea level, which is about ten times higher than a dolphin can leap out of the water.

Note: Carnival’s Ropes Course is now simply referred to as the Ropes Course.


The views don’t end there. Another highlight of SportSquare on Carnival Horizon is SkyRide, an elevated bike ride that lets you strap in and safely zip around a two-lane course high above the ship’s deck. If it were laid out straight, this track would be about two times as long as a football field. But it’s not, and the curves are some the most fun you’ll have!

Consider the elevation of the track and the height of the ship and you’ll realize you’re 145 feet above the ocean below. (Just think about those views!) Depending how fast you ride, you’ll also get to experience a unique feeling — when the track dips, you’ll hit acceleration forces up to 2G, which means you’ll know what it feels like to have your weight double instantly. The good news: it’s just part of the ride and it goes away instantly — so you’ll still have plenty of room for lunch, dinner and dessert!

Hit the Pool

After all this non-stop action, you might be feeling the need to cool off. We don’t blame you! Head to the Lido Deck, where you can take a dip in the Beach Pool or Tides Pool, or settle in on a poolside lounge-chair and enjoy the scene. Some of Carnival Horizon’s amazing outdoor bars are just steps away, too, so you’ll be able to relax and refresh with a drink from BlueIguana Tequila Bar or RedFrog Rum Bar. Feeling hungry? Guy’s Burger Joint and BlueIguana Cantina are right next door to the Beach Pool area, so you can grab a burrito, some tacos, burger and fries… and get back to enjoying the great outdoors.

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air at a quieter pace, Carnival Horizon has just the place. Down on Deck 5, you’ll find The Lanai as well as the Havana Bar & Pool. This exclusive retreat has the feel of an old-time Cuban resort — it’s a breezy paradise by day and an energetic dance spot at night. Up on Deck 15, grown-ups can enjoy the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat, a laidback place to savor the sounds of being at sea.

Major relaxation or energy-packed action, Carnival Horizon has plenty of places for enjoying outdoor fun. Which are you trying first on your next Carnival cruise?


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Find out exactly how much fun – in feet, in tons… in MPH! – you’ll have on a vacation aboard our newest ship.

1. Seuss WaterWorks™

The wacky, splashy onboard waterpark

  • The entire Dr. Seuss™ WaterWorks™ waterpark tips the scales at: 49.4 TONS (THAT’S ABOUT SIX ELEPHANTS!)
  • This giant Cat-Hat dumps 300 GALLONS. That’s like pouring out 4,800 GLASSES OF WATER all at once. Without hands!
  • Most people go slipping and spiraling down THE CAT’S HAT SLIDE AT 12 MPH.
  • Add Things 1 to Thing 2 and you get – do the math – the 285-FOOT FUN THINGS SLIDE!

2. SportSquare™

The outdoor spot for fun competition

  • Did you know you can burn up to 500 CALORIES PER HOUR PLAYING PING-PONG? Not joking! (You can also get seriously active with games of Poly Pong, foosball and pool.)
  • 7 LAPS ON THIS JOGGING TRACK EQUALS 1 MILE. Go for an eighth lap and you’ve got a nautical mile!
  • You’ll work out DOZENS OF FACE MUSCLES with all the smiles you’ll smile playing mini-golf.

3. Ropes Course

The first-ever ropes course at sea

  • Tie it all together and all the rope across Ropes Course is about as long as SIX STATUES OF LIBERTY, STACKED.
  • On Ropes Course you’ll get ocean views from 150 FEET UP. That’s 10x higher than a dolphin leaps. (Sorry, Flip!)

4. SkyRide

The fun bike-racing course in the sky

  • SkyRide™ connects you with ocean views – and your hair with the wind – AT AN ELEVATION OF 145 FEET.
  • Your weight briefly doubles when you hit ACCELERATION FORCES UP TO 2G. (But don’t worry – you’ll lose it just as quickly!)
  • If the track was laid out straight, it would be about 2X AS LONG AS A FOOTBALL FIELD.
  • SkyRide was invented by the guy who introduced the world to ROLLERBLADE®! (He definitely knows how to get you moving.)

Dr. Seuss Properties TM & © Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. All Rights Reserved.

Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by ship and destination.