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Carnival Legend: Kids’ Activities and Family Fun®

A family cruise to Alaska, Hawaii or Europe offers adventure, precious time together and countless memory-making moments. Best of all, the fun starts as soon as you board Carnival Legend®. This cruise ship lives up to its legendary name, as it’s guaranteed to bring smiles, surprises and thrills to every member of your family.

Here’s an exciting glimpse into what you’ll enjoy on your family cruise vacation.

carnival legend sailing through the pacific ocean

Fun Activities for Everyone

An abundance of family-based activities on Carnival Legend® means plenty of time together to bond, laugh, relax and simply have fun! Whether you love sports, games or water slides, there really is something for everyone.


A cruise to Hawaii offers all the water-based action you’re looking for, but you don’t have to wait until you venture onshore. WaterWorks is Carnival’s onboard water park with rides to suit all ages, including fun-loving parents. Teens will love the racing action of Speedway Splash, and you’ll get to experience a family soaking with PowerDrencher.

aerial views of waterworks on board carnival legend

Mini Golf

Whether you’re a pro or a little golfer in the making, everyone loves a round of mini golf. The course onboard Carnival Legend® comes with sea breezes, ocean views and some extra special features to delight players, like a treasure chest and a windmill.

couple playing mini golf on board carnival legend

Video Arcade

What do you do when it’s late at night and your teens are restless? Carnival’s got you covered with a video arcade. It’s open 24 hours, so very early risers are catered for too! A huge variety of games lets you challenge each other or try your best to beat the top scores.


Are you cruising with teens? When they want to relax, try a specialized fitness class or get a trendy new haircut, ZSPA speaks their language. Tailored treatments mean they can step out in style for a night of entertainment, indulge in a pedicure, and experience pampering in a way that suits their unique needs.

Dr. Seuss Activities

The wonderful world of Dr. Seuss entertains and engages all ages, with Carnival’s Seuss at Sea. For the little ones, Seuss-a-palooza Story Time is a magical, interactive experience where favorite stories come to life. The Seuss-a-palooza Parade fills the deck with a colorful procession of beloved characters. The whimsical fun doesn’t stop there though, with arts, crafts and a special breakfast of Green Eggs and Ham.

Kids’ and Youth Programs for All Ages

While a family cruise is a great opportunity to spend time together, everyone needs a bit of space to do their own thing. Programs for all ages allow kids to do just that, while you indulge in some well-deserved adult time.

Camp Ocean

At Camp Ocean, children can delve into marine life with ocean-themed settings and supervised activities. Three different groups let kids of a similar age connect, with Penguins for ages two to five, Stingrays for ages six to eight and Sharks for ages nine to eleven. There’ll be dancing, movies, crafts and games, as well as favorites like chicken nuggets and mac & cheese for meals.

kids having fun on the deck of carnival legend

Circle C®

For teens aged 12 to 14, life’s about meeting friends, hanging out and trying new activities. Circle C® is the spot for them, with an exclusive lounge and fun-loving counselors to get them involved in dance parties, outdoor movies, games and adventures together around the cruise ship.

Club O2®

Older teens aged 15 to 17 usually like to belong to their own special club. At Club O2®, they can listen to their own tunes, challenge each other to sports matches or games, join in with karaoke jam sessions, or simply hang out and chat about what they love best.

Night Owls®

With specialty cocktails to try, a casino, exciting entertainment and more, you might like to enjoy a few adult-only nights on your cruise. Night Owls® gives you the opportunity, while kids aged 11 and under have fun too. As they’ll be safely supervised playing games and having their own parties, the only problem you’ll have is getting them to go to bed at the end of the night.

little boy holding an owl from the night owls youth program

Treats for Your Taste Buds

We all know that kids can be fussy eaters. However, there’s so much to tempt them on Carnival Legend® that you can rest assured everyone’s taste buds will be satisfied.

Fantastical Breakfast

Breakfast is so much more fun with Dr. Seuss! The Cat and the Hat and Friends will join you at the Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast, complete with colorfully decorated tables and mouthwatering menus. Enjoy piled-high pancake stacks, French toast, “Moose Juice” ‘n’ “Goose Juice,” all your favorite breakfast dishes, and of course, Green Eggs and Ham.

Cruise Dining Savory Favorites

What could be better than a family meal of fresh burgers and hand-cut fries? Guy’s Burger Joint is a poolside restaurant themed after a roadside burger shack. Fancy a pizza instead? Pizza Pirate serves up tasty slices of Margherita, Prosciutto, Pepperoni and more, 24 hours a day. At BlueIguana Cantina, have a family feast of tacos and burritos, with homemade tortillas and salsa.

server handing a guest one delicious burger and fries from guys burger joint

Delicious Desserts

It’s always a good time for dessert and those with a sweet tooth in your family will love Swirls, which is open 24/7. Indulge in chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream, mix them into your own creation or try a refreshing frozen yogurt. Then, there’s Cherry On Top for candy, chocolate and special gifts to surprise each other with.

4 ice cream sandwiches stacked on top of each other with a cherry on top

With family-friendly activities, kids’ programs for all ages and plenty of time to relax, bond and enjoy your time together, ear-to-ear smiles are a given on Carnival Legend. The fun starts the second you board and continues with memories you’re sure to cherish forever.

Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by ship and destination.