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Fall Cruises: Where to Cruise During the Fall Season

Just because the weather starts getting a bit colder and the leaves start to fall doesn’t mean summer fun has to end. Carnival Cruise Line offers cruises well into the fall allowing you to extend your fun and enjoy visiting some incredible destinations. If you are having trouble deciding where to cruise in the fall, check out some of these great cruises!

group of people going down a waterfall

Caribbean Cruises

You can book cruises to the Caribbean all-year-round, but fall cruises are very popular. Maybe it’s because you can enjoy the tropical weather while it gets colder back home, or maybe it’s because of the beautiful beaches and exciting excursions. Regardless of the reasons, the following ports are magnificent and should be on your list of where to cruise during fall.

couple paddle boarding on a beach in the caribbean

1. St. Lucia

The stunning island of St. Lucia is teeming with sensational landscapes, beautiful beaches and local island flavor.

Definitely one of the most popular stops on a Caribbean cruise, in St. Lucia you can take a boat ride along the coast and see the incredible Pitons (volcanic spires), explore mountains and marketplaces, experience a mineral pool at Sulphur Springs or go snorkeling in crystal-blue waters.

girl taking a photo of the mountains in st. lucia

2. Bermuda

Enjoy a tropical cocktail on the pink-sand beaches of Bermuda. This island paradise offers plenty to do and see, including remarkable caves, underwater shipwrecks, historical forts, famous homes and amazing marine life. Whether you just want to relax on the beach or book some exciting excursions, you’ll find it all in Bermuda.

jobson’s cove beach in bermuda

3. Cozumel

The Mexican island of Cozumel is a captivating destination, full of fun activities, great shopping and local, flavorful foods. You can go snorkeling along a coral reef, take an exciting tour around the island, go zip-lining over breathtaking scenery or shop for gifts and souvenirs in the bustling city.

people taking a guided tour into a cavern with a hidden river

Canada and New England

Canada and New England cruises are ones you might want to consider during fall. These autumn cruises only set sail during the fall, which happens to be when you’ll be able to see some of the most sensational scenery these areas have to offer. Consider the following ports of call when planning fall cruises to Canada and New England.

4. Halifax

This seaside city in Nova Scotia is truly a wonder to visit. Halifax offers picturesque views of a giant harbor, fantastic lighthouses and city bustling with shops, restaurants, museums and a public garden. Take a tour to explore this charming and unique port.

a harbor view of nova scotia

5. Boston

Visiting the city of Boston during a fall cruise is a real treat. The colors of the changing scenery are amazing, and the city offers plenty of opportunities for memorable photos and experiences. There’s an abundance of public parks, a chance to tour some of America’s oldest and most beautiful college campuses, eclectic shops and museums and a surplus of history to absorb.

large and tall buildings that create the downtown boston skyline

6. Portland

The coastal city of Portland is Maine’s largest city, offering panoramic views that you just won’t see anywhere else. There’s a lot of seafaring history to be found here, as well as plenty to explore among the colorful and bustling streets.

a field with yellow flowers, a light house and a cottage off the coast of portland

Hawaii Cruises

For a fall cruise that is genuinely spectacular, try cruises to Hawaii. Full of beautiful and exotic locations, you’ll see amazing sights and get the chance to enjoy some truly memorable excursions. Perfect for a romantic cruise or an exciting vacation with your family, below are some of the ports you might get to visit on your Hawaii cruise.

a small waterfall in a forest in hawaii

7. Maui

Maui is a magical place that many only dream about visiting. And not only do you get to visit Maui, you’ll also get the chance to adventure into lush rainforests, visit incredible waterfalls, explore historic villages and journey to a volcano! There’s plenty more to do in Maui, and it’s a destination you won’t want to miss!

a beach off the coast of maui

8. Honolulu

The Pacific Island of Honolulu is another very exciting and popular Hawaii cruise destination. There’s plenty of enchanting, serene beaches, and so much more. While on the island of Honolulu, you can attend an authentic luau, take a tour of the city, visit Pearl Harbor, explore the beauty of the island and learn about Polynesian culture.

a beach off the coast of honolulu

9. Kauai

The lovely and scenic island of Kauai is the perfect destination for anyone who loves nature, wants to take incredible photographs, or simply wants to visit some of the most breathtaking wonders of Hawaii. From remote tropical beaches to stunningly deep canyons, there are plenty of extraordinary things to do, including a helicopter ride over some of the islands most dramatic scenery.

a green forest with mountains deep in kauai

No matter which fall cruise you decide to choose, there will be no shortage of fun. A fall cruise is the perfect time to see new destinations and spend time with loved ones and family on a memorable voyage. And don’t forget, in addition to everything there is to see and do at the various ports of call, there is also a wide range of activities to enjoy on the boat as well.

Take a fall cruise to the Caribbean, to Hawaii, or to Canada and New England, and enjoy any of these wonderful and memorable destinations at a great time of year.