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Food, Tasty Cruise Ship Food!

If you’ve never been aboard a cruise ship, no doubt you’ve heard about one of the most talked about topics regarding cruises.

The Food!  

As you’ve probably heard before, the food on a cruise is one of the highlights of this type of vacation, with delicious food included in the package.  The food is plentiful and tasty and it’s definitely something that we looked forward to every single day of our 8 day cruise on the Carnival Breeze.


We had 3 days at sea and on those days, we could choose the breakfast buffet or a sit down brunch in the main dining room.  We did the brunch at least twice and it was so nice and leisurely.


I ordered blueberry pancakes and bacon one morning and it didn’t disappoint. Fresh orange juice and other juices were available as well and of course, lots of coffee.


Another breakfast offering, eggs Benedict were delicious too.


On the days we were heading out on an excursion, we made sure to eat a filling breakfast and the omelette station was my favorite.  I chose omelettes filled with veggies and a little bacon to hold me over until late lunch.  Those guys know how to make an omelette!


In the main dining room, our waiter, Cesar, was so on top of things and made us feel so spoiled and pampered.  One of the best things about a cruise?  You’re not cooking meals. And having food cooked and ready to eat is such a nice way to enjoy a vacation.


There was even entertainment from our wait staff a few nights on the cruise.  We sat at the same small table for 2 every night and enjoyed our nightly meals in the Blush restaurant.  With the multi-colored lights for ambience and white tablecloth service, it was very relaxing.


Here is a sampling of the meals I had on the cruise.  I tried to take pictures of most of it so that you could see the offerings and wide variety of foods.  There was always an appetizer choice, main entree, and dessert to choose from every night, so it was fun to read the menu to see what was being prepared that evening.


Fruit was plentiful too, for breakfast especially.


I got my fill of seafood, as you can imagine, that is offered daily.



This was stuffed mushrooms.


I’ve already mentioned Guy’s Burger Joint on the Lido deck and it was truly one of the highlights for us.  We couldn’t get enough of these burgers and hand cut fries!


Here’s someone’s plate that I snapped from the burger joint.


We certainly were fed well on a daily basis and the opportunity to overeat is real.  I  had to pace myself.


A fish entree for dinner.


I tried a little of everything, from seafood to beef meals.


I usually chose the seafood most of the time, since that is one of my favorite things in the world.


More fish and shrimp.


One night, we made reservations and stopped in at the specialty Italian Restaurant on board, Cucina del Capitano.  There were 2 restaurants that had an up-charge to try and this was one of them.  It was a $15 charge to eat all of this delicious Italian food and we loved every bit of it.  I chose a pasta dish.


With Caprese salad as an appetizer.


Breads were brought out and presented on a breadboard.


More delicious meals from the main dining room, lobster night is always a festive treat. There is a slight uncharge now for lobster.


We especially loved the shrimp cocktail too, along with tasty salads.


More fish and veggies.


Shrimp cocktail was a nice start to the meal.


One of the things that most cruise ships have stopped is the midnight buffet. I remember that from my first Carnival cruise, but it seems that over the years, this practice has ceased on cruise ships.  It’s just as well.  Who could possibly still be hungry at midnight after eating all day long?  Not me!  The Breeze did offer a chocolate dessert buffet one afternoon that was an extravaganza and very good.  We made sure to get in on that!


And every evening in the main dining room, a choice of desserts were served, like this flan with caramel popcorn.  Truly some interesting combinations.


This was my plate from the dessert buffet, I had to try a few things.


The chocolate molten cake was a specialty dessert and one they are known for.  It was to die for!


We truly enjoyed dessert every single night.  When it’s there, you eat dessert!  That’s why so many people love cruising, the food is plentiful and so good.


This was a sweet roll with raspberry icing, so good!


And one of my all-time fave desserts, Creme Brûlée.


Bread pudding with cream sauce.  I love a good bread pudding!


And a cheesecake with raspberry sauce.

Plan a getaway

If this didn’t make you hungry, I don’t know what would!  We so thoroughly enjoyed our meals and desserts all the way through the cruise.  I didn’t even mention the pizza, but there was a wonderful pizza place on board, that served pizza non-stop.  Made in a brick oven, the taste was superb and so authentic and we loved that place!  We had pizza a few times for lunch or a snack too, so even though there is no longer a Midnight buffet, the pizza buffet was open 24 hours a day, offering mushroom, pepperoni and my favorite, Marghareita.

Oh, and I can’t forget the soft serve ice cream and yogurt.  With flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, there were ice cream cones and little dessert bowls out for 24 hour service of soft-serve and believe me, we took advantage of that too.  Not a day went by that we didn’t get an ice cream cone…or 2!!  Such a treat!

The food is truly one of the most loved parts of a cruise and if you haven’t been, give cruising a try!  I highly recommend it for so many reasons and the food is at least 1/2 of those reasons.

This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.