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Just Do It

Hello everyone. My name is John Heald . I am ugly, and have thighs that could hold up an oil rig. I also have the best job in the world, I am the Senior Cruise Director and Brand Ambassador for Carnival Cruise Line

Over the past 29 years I have worked on our ships and watched the company grow and continued to watch the guests have extraordinary off the charts fun.

Cruising with Carnival allows something that the world we live in tries to suffocate more and more every day and that is worrying about what others may think of us, what we do, what we say and how we live our lives.

Carnival Cruise Line is an absolute escape from that. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing stories of things I have seen that prove that statement from the WOW moment when every first time cruiser walks into one of our atriums and opens their mouth like a basking shark to doing things they have never thought they could or indeed should be doing.

Yep, on our ships people live their lives and seem to simply not care what others may be thinking.

Last month I was on the Carnival Breeze and went to our brilliant steakhouse. At the table across from where my colleague and I were sitting I watched a guy, probably about 60 years old struggling to read the menu in the subtle mood lights that we provide. Then without making a big fuss, he reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and took out one of those mini-flashlights, switches it on and twirling it into position with a deft one-handed Ninja-like movement.

While I watched fascinated a table of four thirty something’s looked at him as if he’d made them watch some truly embarrassing act. They seemed a tab judgmental, and what he had done made them feel uncomfortable and caused nervous laughter. He was simply doing what was practical not worrying about what others might think.

The waitress came over………he made his suggestions and ordered for his wife as well…… clicked off the torch and, this time, placed it, on the table. I was almost disappointed when he didn’t use the flashlight to check the food when it came.

Yep, he was comfortable in his own skin and that was a joy to see.

On our ships our guests dance like demented windmills in the nightclub. They sing at Karaoke and make dogs howl across the Caribbean. They walk along the Promenade and stop, kiss and remember how much they love each other. They drink cocktails with names like ” A Kiss On The Lips ” and they laugh out loud at the Punchliner comedy club.

Yep, our ships allow you to remove the stress of the world, to truly dance like no sod is watching and to do things that you have never done before.

If you want to eat an ice cream for breakfast………………do it.

If you want to eat a pizza 20 minutes after dinner ………… it.

If you want to have rumpy pumpy at 3:00 in the afternoon, put the snoozin sign out…..and do it.

If you want to take Grandma to an Adults Only comedy show………… it

If you want to wear a Hawaiian shirt on elegant night…… it

If you want to stay up and watch the sunrise over the Caribbean sea……do it

If your name is Dave, you are 50 and you want to sing a boy band song at Karaoke……..get therapy.

Carnival Cruise Line……….it really is your kind of fun.


This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.