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Our Fifth Year Anniversary

Click the image below to check out our video!

Carnival Vista raft (links to youtube video)

We decided to go BIG for our fifth year anniversary, and take an adventure around the Caribbean with Carnival Cruise Line! We took a CRAZY helicopter ride in Grand Cayman, zip-lined in Cozumel, and swam with fish in Ocho Rios. We loved having our little girls on the trip with us, and loved seeing Lucy’s reaction to everything on the ‘big boat’. It was a week that we will never forget! CHEERS to FIVE YEARS, sweetheart! I love you forever!

Blue ocean water

Mother and daughter sitting on a lounge chair on the deck on Carnival Vista

^^ It was so fun to bring our little monsters with us! We were so spoiled having my Mother-in-law with us to help out — We snuck away and went on dates every night. We saw Beauty and the Beast in an IMAX theater (on the ship, crazy right!?), got couples massages, dessert, and hot tubbed all week long. ^^

Two young girls sitting in a chair and smiling on Carnival Vista

Two young girls sitting in a chair with their mom looking at them on Carnival Vista

^^ I had to share this outtake! Oh, the drama! 😉 ^^

Close up of Hailey on a beach smiling in sunglasses

Brad and Hailey smiling while in a helicopter in Grand Cayman

Brad and Hailey enjoying their helicopter ride in Grand Cayman

Overhead photo of Stingray City

^^ Flying over Stingray City! ^^

Hailey going down a ladder into the ocean

Hailey smiling with a white picket fence behind her

Young girl standing in front of a pink building with green door

^^ Lucy said, “Look! A SUPER HERO!” As we saw a homeless man wearing a poncho blowing in the wind! Haha! I love traveling with this girl — Her perspective is pure sunshine. ^^

A turtle swimming in the ocean

Yellow pilot boat in the ocean

Hailey holding and looking at her daughter

Hailey and her daughter sitting on a blue blanket on the beach

rad and Hailey smiling together on the beach


This post was created for Away We Go with Carnival, the destination for getting in the getaway state of mind.