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Best Cruises for Teens: Why They’ll Love Cruising

Going on a cruise can be a fun getaway for busy parents, but did you know that bringing your teenage kids on a cruise can also result in the vacation of a lifetime? Cruises don’t just provide an escape from the stressors of daily life; they’re also packed with entertainment opportunities for travelers of all ages. This means that teens can take advantage of tons of activities onboard and have their own sense of (safe) independence while they do it. If you want to know why your teen will love going on a cruise, check out these reasons!

1. The Freedom to Explore

Teenagers are just finally reaching the age where they value independence and are ready to spend time discovering things on their own. For this reason, they’ll love a cruise ship, since they can wander and find activities that interest them — or just find different places to take in beautiful sights. Parents can rest assured that teens are safe on cruises, since only passengers are onboard, and they can’t roam too far away.

2. They Can Check Out a Club for Teens

On Carnival cruise ships, you can find Club O2 or Circle C – clubs that are meant only for teens (and split up by ages). At the club, they can dance the night away, watch movies, listen to pop music, play sports and video games, sing karaoke and meet people their own age. As parents, you won’t have to be worried about your kids since these are safe, fun, and friendly environments.

teens having fun in club o2

3. Plenty of Sports to Play

Does your teen love to be active? A cruise ship is the perfect place for your teen to do just that, as there are tons of sports that can be played on board. Some of the most fun sports are found at SportSquare, such as dodgeball, jogging, mini golf and basketball.

young girl climbing the ropes course in sportsquare

4. An Opportunity to Improve their Gaming Skills

Is your kid more of a video game aficionado than an athlete? Fear not — there’s something onboard for him or her, too. Your teen will love scoring some tokens from the vending machine and taking advantage of the video arcade, which is open 24 hours a day.

boys playing video games

5. Pizza Delivery!

Most teenagers want the ability to order their own pizza at their own whim — and they can do just that on board. Cruise ships offer room service 24 hours per day (including pizza delivery!), so they can simply make a call and enjoy a slice whenever they feel like it.

6. Exposure to Worldly Cuisines and Delicious Bites

Teenagers are at the age where they’re just starting to get more adventurous about what they’ll eat. On a cruise ship, there are multiple dining options, so they can taste new foods, or switch it up each meal. No matter whether they’re on a cruise to Hawaii, The Bahamas or somewhere in between, they can try restaurants featuring Asian cuisine, Mexican food or plain old American grub.

JiJi Asian Fried Rice

7. Waterparks – with Slides!

For teens, pools are fun — but water parks are better. Most ships have¬†Waterworks¬†– the water park, which means teens can cool down while enjoying thrilling water slides. Two fun things at once!

Person going down the slide at WaterWorks

8. New Friends to Be Made

Because they have access to teen clubs and group activities, cruises are an excellent opportunity to meet new friends. Whether you travel to Hawaii, Mexico or beyond, your teens will get to meet people who aren’t from their hometown, which will expose them to new and different cultures and people who can expand their world.

group of friends enjoying ice cream cones

9. A Place to Rejuvenate

Teens get stressed, too. After all — school can be tough. Luckily, your teen can have access to ZSPA — a teen-centric spa where they can relax and rejuvenate. ZSPA offers fitness classes, pedicures, hairstyling and more.

10. A Chance to Stay Up Late…

The rules of home life can feel like a routine for teens. Let them get out of their routine and kick back on a cruise by allowing them to stay up late. Having their own room and the ability to set their own hours while they travel to The Bahamas (or wherever their cruise may take them), will help instill in them a sense of independence.

11. Or Sleep Late, too!

Let’s face it: it’s exhausting to get up early every morning for school. In their own room on a cruise ship, teens can not only stay up late — but they can also hit the snooze button as many times as they want without worrying about missing anything important. Cruises are a chance to go to bed, without even setting an alarm.

12. Finding Adventure Ashore

When the ship docks at a port, no matter whether it’s a cruise to Mexico or somewhere far away, teenagers will love the adventurous excursions them that await them on land. Travel to Caribbean destinations and your teens will see stunning beaches and enjoy exciting, teen-friendly activities, such as zip lining, parasailing, ATVs and more.

people zip lining in Alaska

13. There Are Awesome Sights to See

Even when the ship is sailing the sea, there are awesome natural sights for teens to take in, and they can be both awe-inspiring and exhilarating. While cruising, teens can see just how vast the ocean is, or even catch a glimpse of a sea animal — like a jumping dolphin! Cruises are a great way for teens to connect with nature, or to decompress and revel in the beauty of the world around them.

Young girl plays with stingrays

Cruising is a great time for families to bond — but a cruise to The Bahamas, Mexico, Hawaii or the Caribbean is also an excellent chance for a teen to grow and have fun. Cruises give teens a sense of independence and expose them to new cultures, people and foods, and they’re also packed with entertainment that will keep teens engaged and having fun. When you’re considering booking travel this year with your older kids, think about arranging a cruise. Your teens will thank you, and you will also have the time of your life.