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The Ultimate Guide to Carnival Elation®

A cruise vacation onboard Carnival Elation® has excitement and fun waiting around every corner. From endless entertainment and delicious dining to world-class relaxation and spectacular Caribbean views, a cruise to The Bahamas on Carnival Elation® is sure to be the time of your life, no matter your age.

So join us as we walk you through just a few of those memorable moments that await you with this Ultimate Guide to Carnival Elation® . But be forewarned — once you spend a few minutes reading what our amazing cruise ship has to offer, you’ll be itching to set your GPS for Jacksonville or Port Canaveral and climb onboard.

As you’ll see, whether you’re on a family cruise or a couple’s getaway, Carnival Elation® has sights, sounds, and incredible experiences for everyone.

carnival elation sailing the caribbean sea

Outdoor Excitement With a Warm Ocean Breeze

No cruise to The Bahamas is complete without a little bit of fun in the warm Caribbean air. Luckily for you, Carnival Elation® offers more than just a bit of fun. In fact, don’t be surprised if it’s a challenge just choosing between everything available to you. Don’t believe us? Well, check out just a sampling of the outdoor entertainment options on Carnival Elation® .


What do you get when you cross endless Caribbean views with a bonafide, first-class water park? WaterWorks is what you get, filled with slippery slides, twisting tubes, and speed to spare as you get drenched in equal parts water and fun. From toddlers to grandparents and everyone in between, WaterWorks is excitement that will drench you to the bone as you sail the Caribbean.

Mini Golf

If some leisurely competition is more your style, then a round or two of Mini Golf might be a perfect choice. Everything you already love about it, just in the most picturesque setting imaginable. We’re pretty confident saying it’s a round of Mini Golf like you’ve never experienced, and certainly won’t soon forget.

cruiser playing mini golf on board carnival elation

Serenity Adult-Only Retreat

Of course, those warm ocean breezes are also fantastic for letting yourself melt into a state of pure relaxation. That’s exactly where Serenity fits in, an adults-only retreat that’s an oasis of quiet, comfort, and peace.

With a bar nearby and plenty of comfy places to read a book, take a nap, or reconnect with your significant other, consider Serenity your secret source of rejuvenation as you cruise The Bahamas.

Don’t Forget the Indoor Fun

Sure, your outdoor fun options on Carnival Elation® are fantastic, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to highlight the endless indoor options as well. We meant it when we said Carnival Elation® has excitement waiting for everyone and every occasion, as these indoor experiences prove.

Playlist Productions

Everyone loves the grand spectacle and toe-tapping good time of a great musical. On Carnival Elation®, Playlist Productions brings that to your cruise vacation, where incredible dancers and singers immerse you in an experience that only the best musicals can provide. It’s a full-blown production that rivals the best you’ve seen, just while cruising your way to a tropical paradise.

The Punchliner Comedy Club

Every time is a good time for a hearty laugh. At Punchliner Comedy Club, professional comedians flex their funny muscles for you and the roaring audience. Choose between family-friendly or adults-only, grab a seat, and get ready to laugh yourself silly.

family laughing as they watch a show at punchliner comedy club


Ringing bells, flashing lights, and everything you love about the Vegas experience is available into the wee hours of the morning in Carnival Elation’s® incredible Casino.

Take your pick of poker, blackjack, slots, or try your hand at all of them. Join our free Carnival Players Club where you can earn points and benefits – like free drinks while you play and private invitations to Carnival Premier Cruises.

Video Arcade

For some gaming fun for the whole family, the Video Arcade on Carnival Elation® is a must. A mix of classic games that mom and dad will love along with today’s biggest and best for the kids, our Video Arcade is open 24/7 and just waiting for you to come on in, drop a token, and place a top score. Now those are some serious bragging rights with the family.

friends playing air hockey at the video arcade on board carnival elation

Spa Carnival

There’s relaxation, and then there’s relaxation Carnival-style, and we’re sure you’ll appreciate the difference. Prepare to pamper yourself at Spa Carnival, a full-service spa that offers hot stone massages, aromatherapy, full-body wraps, and a host of other beauty and wellness therapies.

Popular with both women and men, Spa Carnival is an ideal spot to find some seaborne tranquility and take a deep, cleansing moment for yourself.

Good Drinks, Awesome Ambiance

There’s nothing like sitting down in a good bar after a day of nonstop fun. On your cruise to The Bahamas, we have you covered on that front and then some. Delectable drinks and good company in a lively and welcoming atmosphere aren’t hard to find while cruising on Carnival Elation®.

BlueIguana Tequila Bar

This authentic south-of-the-border watering hole offers a variety of tequilas, cold cervezas, and frosty drinks to help you unwind, have a drink, and soak in the laid-back environment. Poolside relaxation and good times come easy at the BlueIguana Tequila Bar.

3 friends drinking cocktails at blueiguana tequila bar

Piano Bar

Request a favorite tune, show off your pipes, or just kick back with a drink at Piano Bar. Whether you want to sing along with a classic led by our friendly piano player, or just blend into the background in a comfy seat, Piano Bar is fun in its purest form. Whatever your preference, there’s bound to be a giant grin on your face from the very moment you step through its doors.

RedFrog Rum Bar

Distill the essence of Caribbean charm into a poolside bar with endless ocean views and you get the RedFrog Rum Bar, soon to be one of your favorite places on the entire cruise ship.

Enjoy a rum-based cocktail or ice cold beer, listen to some live music with a distinct island flavor, and let the relaxed vibe whisk you away. As you’ll soon discover, tropical chill and the RedFrog go hand-in-hand.

redfrog rum bar server handing a cocktail to a carnival guest

Cruise Dining Your Way

No conversation on an exciting cruise to The Bahamas is complete without at least a few words on the incredible array of dining options. As you might have guessed, Carnival Elation® has something delicious for even the finickiest of eaters. In other words, there’s fantastic food for everyone in the family.

Guy’s Burger Joint

Your favorite TV food personality, Guy Fieri, really outdid himself with Guy’s Burger Joint. How do juicy, handmade burgers and fresh-cut fries with a topping bar limited only by your imagination sound?

What if we throw in an old-school setting that’s equal parts roadside diner and vintage cool? If that description makes your mouth water even a little bit, then Guy’s Burger Joint is the place for you.

BlueIguana Cantina

There’s just something about cruising the Caribbean and amazing Mexican food that go hand-in-hand. At the BlueIguana Cantina, you call the shots with our made-to-order burritos and tacos, handmade tortillas, and salsas.

On Carnival Elation®, you never have to sacrifice taste for convenience, and that’s what BlueIguana Cantina is all about — killer Mexican dishes in a casual setting that’s quick, fun, and lets you get back to all of the onboard excitement.

delicious burrito from blueiguana cantina onboard carnival elation

Pizza Pirate

When you’re a family on the go that’s trying to squeeze in everything from the thrills at waterslides to Broadway-caliber musicals, Pizza Pirate is a lifesaver. Open 24/7 and with toppings that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds, a couple of slices make for a delicious meal that mom, dad, toddlers, and teens will all love.

A cruise onboard Carnival Elation® is nothing but pure fun every moment you spend on the ship. From outdoor thrills to relaxing serenity, incredible dining to our Vegas-worthy Casino, your cruise from Jacksonville or Port Canaveral to The Bahamas is an experience you’ll never forget.

So on that note, there’s no time like the present to book your cruise, pack those bags, and let your imagination run wild. Your dream vacation onboard Carnival Elation® awaits.

Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by ship and destination.