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Top 5 Bars and Lounges Onboard Carnival Breeze®

Top 5 Bars and Lounges Onboard Carnival Breeze

  1. RedFrog Pub
  2. RedFrog Rum Bar
  3. Alchemy Bar
  4. BlueIguana Tequila Bar
  5. Piano Bar


Step aboard Carnival Breeze, and you’ll instantly feel relaxed and ready to sail where the balmy breezes blow and crystal-clear waters beckon. This crowd-pleasing cruise ship is built for fun, with plenty of food, drink and entertainment for guests of all ages.

For adults over 21 looking to kick back with their favorite cocktail, there are plenty of options. As your cruise from Ft. Lauderdale sets sail, take the time to visit some of the best bars available on the high seas.

RedFrog Pub

RedFrog Pub is destined to be your new favorite bar. It’s designed to feel just like your neighborhood pub. That is, if your neighborhood is privy to the sunsets of Key West. Kick back in these tropical digs and sample snack from the Caribbean-inspired menu, or grab a beer and hit the foosball table if you’re feeling competitive. Be sure to try RedFrog’s flagship brew: ThirstyFrog® Red. True to its namesake, this is a refreshing red ale that perfectly balances hops and malt. Order a pint in a souvenir glass to remember the Frog by — or get a pitcher or tube tap and settle in for a while.

man pouring thistyfrog red brew into a beer tube

RedFrog Rum Bar

No cruise to the Caribbean is complete without sipping some rum, and we’ve got the perfect place to get started. RedFrog Rum Bar is the place to go when you never have to decide between diving into the pool or your next drink. With 10 featured rums and pitchers of beer, margaritas or spiked lemonade available, it can be hard to decide. For a delicious cocktail, try the signature Red’s Rum Treasure, a delectable blend of rum, pineapple, guava and nutmeg. Another great choice is a Dirty Mojito made with dark rum and brown sugar that kick the flavors of this classic drink up a few notches.

couple at the redfrog rum bar

Alchemy Bar

As you cruise from Orlando to your ultimate destination, it’s time to get pampered. Alchemy Bar is just the place. Order up a cocktail from our mixologists based on your mood — or the mood you want to be in by the time you’re ready for a refill. Need a little energy boost? Try the Spicy Chipotle Pineapple Martini, which is guaranteed to get your heart pumping. You can also order martinis in a tasting size to explore the menu more deeply. Choose from the menu offerings or ask our talented bartenders for a custom option, shaken or stirred just for you.

bartender pouring a drink at the alchemy bar

BlueIguana Tequila Bar

Setting sail on a cruise to Bermuda but craving a little Mexican flair? BlueIguana Tequila Bar has got you completely covered. If you are in the mood for something spicy, you might try Blue’s ‘Corona Extra’ Michelada which contains Tabasco sauce. As you contemplate the meaning of the blue iguana mascot wearing purple shades, you might try an Avion Silver. As you take the iguana’s advice to ‘stay cool’, you might find yourself planning a trip on another silver airplane.

a group of friends hanging out at the blueiguana tequila bar

Piano Bar

Music lovers will love the Piano Bar. Patrons can request songs to be played on the piano and they are even encouraged to sing along. The drink names are even music-themed. Pull up a chair and listen to a few tunes you haven’t heard before while paying attention to the Spicy Diva in your hand. At the end of the night, you’ll be telling them, “Don’t stop the music!” while you have your own Don’t Stop The Music! right in front of you. Only your version will be a mix of Bacardi rum, Midori, Sprite and pineapple juice.

pianist singing in the piano bar

Drinking Packages and Activities

There are more than just bars aboard a Carnival cruise ship where you can get alcohol, there are also drinking packages and activities everyone can participate in if they are of drinking age.


Nothing spells a good time like our prepaid bar package. While it does not apply to room service purchases, this package allows those who sign up to drink without having to worry about the bill. With this package, there is one flat price for drinks throughout the entire cruise.

two people playing a card game and having exclusive brews

Mixologist Competition

Even if you don’t regularly create cocktails and drinks for yourself or your friends back home, there is nothing wrong with having a little fun and entering into a competition to see who can make the best alcoholic concoction. If competing isn’t what you are up for, there is nothing wrong with just watching those who are competing. You might wind up with a new favorite drink!

Master the Martini

You’ve heard of a wine tasting, but have you ever heard of a martini tasting? With Master the Martini, you can do just that! The tasting allows you to try any four different flavored mini martinis.

Cruise The Vineyards

After the martini tasting, head on over to the wine tasting at Cruise The Vineyards to expand your wine palate. You can choose from three packages and sample wines from New Zealand, Washington state or even Germany and Australia!

cruise the vineyards with carnival

Getting the Most Out of Your Carnival Vacation

As you cruise along the ocean into the Caribbean towards Bermuda, St. Maarten or even Cartagena, Colombia’s 5th-largest city, there is always time to try some of Carnival’s specialty drinks. Here is a short list of some specialty drinks to try.

  • Cucumber Sunrise: A mix of lime juice, vodka, watermelon syrup, orange juice and a cucumber wheel.
  • Kiss On The Lips: Grenadine and mango mix with peach schnapps.
  • Spiked Coffee: Who wants a kick of caffeine with their alcohol? Nothing more relaxing.
  • Blue’s Blue Margarita: Find that iguana with the purple shades to enjoy an electric blue delicious concoction.

There is so much more to choose from, plus everyone has their personal tastes. Don’t be afraid to try something new. After all, that is what life is all about!

Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary by ship and destination.