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Why Cruising is Perfect for Relaxation Lovers and Adventure Alike

Here at Carnival, we totally get that some people want nonstop thrills, and others just want to chill. We like to think we’ve cracked the code, striking the perfect balance between adrenaline-packed adventures and the blissful, time-honored art of doing nothing. Join us as we dive into just a few of the ways relaxation and adventure lovers can both have a fun-filled time during a Carnival cruise.


Serenity Adults-Only Retreat

We get that sometimes, you need a moment away from the kids to yourself. Enter: the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat. This is an area meant for priceless moments to yourself or the ones you love— having a relaxing glass of wine while watching the sunset, finishing the last pages of the book you brought, or quietly reconnecting with your partner in a place where there are guaranteed to be no interruptions.

Cloud 9 Spa

Set your relaxation level to cloud 9 at our onboard spa, where you can escape to a world totally made for tranquility. Our tranquility gurus at Cloud 9 Spa use their magic (aka: massages, facial treatments, body wraps, and more) to banish stress and take you to new heights of relaxation. 

On certain Carnival ships, Cloud 9 Spa also offers climate-controlled thermal suites and soak-worthy hydrotherapy pools. Cloud 9’s thermal suites allow guests to kick back and relax in a variety of different climate environments, from dry heat sanctuaries to hydrating havens. If you’d rather take a dip into rejuvenating waters, head over to the hydrotherapy pools and soak in the healing natural trace elements and vitamins your body has been missing.

Spa Carnival

What’s that? Another glorious spa to unwind in? Yes please! Spa Carnival is your onboard destination for indulging in premium wellness therapies and beauty treatments while treating yourself to total relaxation. It also happens to be the perfect place to elevate your wellness journey, with a comprehensive onboard fitness program that’ll have you looking and feeling great in no time. Our team of dedicated fitness professionals is here to guide you every step of the way, and state-of-the-art equipment ensures you’ll have everything you need to crush your fitness goals. 

Z Spa

Every relaxation-loving adult was at one point, presumably, a relaxation-loving teen. That’s why all of our ships have an onboard ZSPA made just for teens needing a break from the outside world. With treatments specially tailored for younger cruisers like Acne Attack Facials, Magical Manicures, and hair styling sessions, each and every ZSPA is fluent in the language of teenage relaxation.

Build-A-Bear Workshop at Sea

No matter your age, nothing hits quite like creating your own stuffed animal, complete with cute little accessories and clothing. Onboard every Carnival ship is a Build-a-Bear Workshop at Sea, where kids and adults can create their own furry friend in all sorts of shapes, including the special Carnival-exclusive St. Jude bear!

Movies on Board

Did you know you can catch your favorite movies onboard? Come out for a Dive-In Movie (not a typo) to enjoy a blockbuster or sporting event poolside at the Carnival Seaside Theater. On Carnival Horizon and Carnival Vista, you can go big at the onboard IMAX Theater, or enjoy a side of excitement with your popcorn at the Thrill Theater, where motion seats, environmental effects, and even scents make you feel like a character in the heat of the action.

KultureCity Sensory Certified

We’re proud to be the first cruise line to be certified “sensory inclusive” by KultureCity, a leading nonprofit dedicated to accessibility and inclusion for individuals with sensory and invisible disabilities. All of our fantastic guest-facing crew have been trained to understand and help guests with these needs. KultureCity Sensory Bags are a great way to manage sensory overload and can be checked out for free for the duration of the cruise (first-come, first-serve). Each bag contains comfortable noise-canceling headphones, fidget tools, a visual feeling thermometer, and a KultureCity VIP lanyard to help our staff easily identify guests.


Here at Carnival, we offer countless shore excursions for you to choose from. Trust us when we say that you can tailor your experiences ashore any way you like. Tranquility meets as much adventure as you want, in perfect harmony. Glide across the crystal clear waters of Nassau on a luxurious catamaran, dive into the mineral-rich, healing waters of an Icelandic lagoon, or explore cities like San Sebastian, Mexico and step back in time for a ride through history.

Fun-Filled Thrills

So, a cruise is relaxing… if you want it to be. And, if you want, it could also be the biggest adventure of your life. This is a vacation where the sea is your playground, and the ship is your ticket to a world of fun-filled thrills. Waterslides, the first and only rollercoaster at sea, and friendly competition are just the beginning. What can we say? No one does fun like Carnival.


Bolt: Ultimate Sea Coaster

Meet Bolt: Ultimate Sea Coaster, the only roller coaster on the ocean. Strap in for a great time and control your own speed to hit the most comfortable level of fun. Love going fast? Hit the gas! Into a more slow and scenic vibe? Go light on that pedal and take in some incredible 360° ocean views.


Okay, hear us out: a waterpark on the ocean, where adults and kids alike can soak up the rush of a waterslide. Oh wait, we have that! Welcome to WaterWorks, Carnival’s onboard waterpark. From the spiraling turns of the Twister Waterslide to the high-speed competition of Speedway Splash, it’s never a bad idea to come splash the day away.

Video Arcade

Sometimes, you just gotta game it out. Every Carnival ship has an onboard video arcade packed with all the old classics, as well as modern favorites. The best part is that it’s open 24 hours, so you can get your game on anytime. We can’t wait to see your name at the top of the scoreboard.


Ready to prove victorious against your family and friends, and maybe even a stranger or two? Head on over to SportSquare for some friendly competition, and plenty of fun to go around. Go head-to-head at minigolf, basketball, soccer, and more, or push your relationship to new heights on the Ropes Course. It’s all here, as long as you’re game.

Carnival Players Club

Sometimes getting a thrill doesn’t mean setting a new record on the ropes course or riding a rollercoaster at sea. Sometimes, it means the thrill of the unknown, and the possibility of winning big (if you’re 18+, of course). Head over to your ship’s onboard casino (note: not available on all Carnival ships) and try your luck at table games, slots, prize games, and more. We recommend joining the free Carnival Players Club, which allows you to earn points while playing at table games and slots.

Piano Bar and Karaoke

We believe everyone has an inner popstar, even if you sing a few out of key notes here or there (or everywhere). Come sing your heart out at onboard karaoke and take your pic from a huge song catalog, from modern hits to classics. If you’re more into a singalong vibe, head over to the Piano Bar, order your fave cocktail, and let your friendly neighborhood piano player know what you want to hear. Then, join the crowd for the singalong movie-moment of a lifetime.


Show off your moves at the onboard Nightclub and get ready to dance the night away! Our DJs are always playing the hits (the ones so good, you can’t help but get up and groove).


While there’s plenty of excitement onboard, the real treasure lies in your adventures ashore. Do everything you ever wanted to do— zipline through misty rainforests, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and discover ancient Mayan ruins. Try regional delicacies and immerse yourself in festivities that you’ll never forget. The adventurous at heart should prep to come home with unforgettable memories and even wider horizons.

With just a little bit of planning, a cruise can be the perfect place for a relaxation lover to get a taste of adventure. But just because you love a little recharge moment (don’t miss the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat), doesn’t mean you should forget about all the excitement available on board. Make time on your cruise for something new or out of your comfort zone. Maybe it’s a ride down a giant waterslide or taking in the view high above the ship on a Skyride or trying your luck with some roulette? No matter which cruise you choose, we promise there will be plenty of ways to find memorable fun and relaxation!

Whether you’re a thrill seeker or a captain of chill, a Carnival cruise is the best way to have fun, your way. Start living your best life and book your cruise today.