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12 Tips for How to Relax and Have Quiet Time on a Cruise

A cruise vacation is about creating memories. It’s a chance to meet new people and enjoy new adventures. Yet it’s also an opportunity to put up your feet and settle into peaceful surroundings. That’s right. You can have a restful time onboard your cruise, thanks to activities geared toward escaping the hustle and bustle.

Apart from designated tranquil areas, some popular onboard activities can be just as restful. You just need to enjoy them when others aren’t! Relax by the pool during the early morning or late evening, head to the gym after the morning rush goes through, or have a romantic dinner for two during off-peak hours.

What else can you do? Just check out these 12 restful activities for the ultimate way to unwind.

1. Cloud 9 Spa

Nothing beats the spa for relaxation. At Cloud 9 Spa, you can enjoy massages, facials, body wraps, thermal suites and so much more. Sit back, take a deep breath, and let all the good stuff soak in. And if you fall asleep, you’ll benefit even more. Why do you think it’s called beauty sleep?

guests relaxing in a spa whirlpool at cloud 9 spa

2. The Library

This spot is all about a great read. Plus some chess boards and other board games, just to mix it up a bit! There are plenty of entertaining books just waiting for you.

3. Art Exhibitions

Ever wanted to expand your art horizons? Now you don’t need to travel to see great art. The onboard art exhibitions offer everything from classic to modern pieces, each one tastefully arranged around the showroom. Art experts are more than happy to help you understand the piece and its artist. Prefer to admire on your own? Just wander around and see what catches your eye.

carnival cruise guests at the art auction

4. Dr. Seuss Bookville

Here is a great place to take your kids or just relive your childhood. Dr. Seuss Bookville features books, books and more books, all set in wildly imaginative surroundings. You’ll find characters and props from all of the Dr. Seuss books, along with plenty of comfy seating areas. Grab a book and settle in. It’s time to get lost.

kids playing at dr seuss bookville

5. Serenity Adult Only Retreat

Sometimes it’s nice to spend time on your own interests – like reading, relaxing or, dare we say it, sleeping uninterrupted? Take advantage of the Serenity Adult Only Retreat, and recharge your batteries for as long as you want. You’ll also enjoy some of the best ocean views on the ship.

6. Library

Ah, the library. Now here’s a place to relax in complete peace and quiet. The onboard library is sure to have the perfect vacation novel. E-book readers are welcome here, too! Any day is a good day when you’re lost in a book.

7. Arts and Crafts

Where can kids go to unwind? The arts and crafts area, of course. Kids ages 2 to 11 will be hard at work perfecting their latest masterpiece, from macaroni pictures and crayon drawings to pop-up books. They’ll even have the opportunity for non-traditional crafts that fire up their imaginations and fuel their passion for the arts. Quietly focused on creating a work of art? Now that’s time well spent.

young boy enjoying arts and crafts on a carnival cruise

8. Men’s Spa Services

Hesitant to head to the spa zone but dying for the chance to be pampered? We hear you! Don’t worry if you think spa services are just for the ladies. Carnival has spa offerings for men as well. At Men’s Spa Services, you can settle in for a high-quality shave, a hand or arm massage, a facial or even a stylish new haircut. You work hard for yourself and your family, and you deserve some relaxation.

9. Art Seminars

What could be better than learning about art? At each art seminar, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with knowledgeable lecturers and gain a new appreciation for the arts. From an overview of art history to a deep dive into key time periods, each thoughtful lecture helps you explore the ever-expanding world of art.

10. ZSPA

Spa sessions aren’t just for adults! Teens deserve pampering, too. At ZSPA, teens ages 12 to 17 will find the ultimate place to chill out and refresh. From mani-pedis to relaxation packages, the adolescent-friendly ZSPA offers the perfect retreat for teens on vacation.

11. The Fun Shops

Do you love to shop? Do you feel a deep sense of calm as you head in and out of stores? Look no further than The Fun Shops. Here you’ll find the relaxation you crave while you cruise to your destination. From fine jewelry to watches, and beauty care to apparel, the shops onboard a Carnival cruise prove relaxation truly does take many forms.

women shopping for hats at the fun shops

12. Fitness Classes

Some fitness classes are designed to rev up your heart rate and get your blood pumping, whereas others just like to slow things down. Does yoga or Pilates sound good to you? Take your time, settle into each position, and reap the rewards of good health and a balanced mind.

women in a yoga class on a carnival cruise

Think cruise vacations are non-stop action? Think again. Onboard your ship, you’ll discover plenty of quiet pockets as you travel to your destination, be it Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, The Bahamas or somewhere else entirely. All of Carnival’s ships offer guests quiet, peaceful areas away from the crowded zones. Deep breath in and deep breath out. This is cruising at its finest.

Note: Onboard activities vary by ship.