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How To Eat Healthy On a Cruise

Carnival cruises are known for delicious onboard dining options – and many feel the wide variety of available foods is one of the best parts of a cruise vacation.

However, many people who go on a cruise want to continue a healthy eating lifestyle. Fortunately, Carnival provides numerous dining options for those who want to eat healthy cruise food. Here are some suggestions of where to eat healthy for breakfast, lunch and dinner while on vacation.

Healthy Breakfast Options

Dining Room Breakfast

The Dining Room Breakfast has a wide variety of breakfast options. If you want to eat something healthy, simply let the chef know how they can modify a plate to your liking. Whether that means a veggie omelet with hot oatmeal and turkey bacon, or simply extra veggies, the chefs are there to accommodate.

veggie omelet

Seaday Brunch

Seaday Brunch has something for everyone. If you’re craving a fresh fruit platter with cottage cheese, grilled salmon filet, or simple scrambled eggs with toast, you’ll find it here.

seaday brunch grilled salmon filet

Healthy Lunch Restaurants

Fresh Creations

You’ve never seen salad like you’ll see it at Fresh Creations. This salad bar offers dozens of ways to make a healthy and delicious salad. Best of all, you can go back for seconds without feeling guilty!

fresh creations salad bar

Bonsai Sushi

If you want something with a little more protein than a salad, head over to Bonsai Sushi for expertly prepared and incredibly fresh sushi. Choose from a wide variety of options from crab to sashimi.

sushi dish at bonsai sushi

Healthy Places to Eat Dinner

The Chef’s Table

The Chef’s Table is a popular option for those who want a truly gourmet experience. While there are lots of decent options on this menu, the chefs also specialize in a number of healthy options. The small-portion sizes of each dish helps that calorie count down as well!

chef prepares dishes for the multi-course dinner

The Carnival Deli

If you want something simple and straightforward for dinner, The Carnival Deli is the place to go. Offering a wide variety of sandwiches, you can tell your chef exactly how you want your sandwich prepared. If you’re looking to stay on the healthy side, keep the cheese and sauces light and have them pile on the veggies.

sandwich from the carnival deli

Tips for Eating Healthy

As the food recommendations above suggest, it’s surprisingly easy to eat healthy on your cruise vacation. Here are a few tips to make sure you enjoy eating healthy on a cruise without feeling deprived!

Eat Lighter (and smaller) Meals

Make a point of eating lighter meals at least some of the time. This might mean choosing fish over steak or not grabbing that fourth piece of bacon! Whatever lighter means to you, try to keep it in mind for at least one or two meals each day.

Eating half portions is a great way to eat the foods you want without overindulging. If you want to try this tactic out, simply pick out whatever dish your heart desires, then ask the restaurant to give you a half portion. You’ll still get to eat delicious food, but it will only have half as many calories as it originally would have!

Start Buffets with Piles of Veggies and Lean Protein

Buffets and diets don’t typically go together, but if you’re smart about it, you can eat healthy – even at a buffet.

When filling your plate, make sure to pile it high with fruits and veggies first, followed by some lean protein. Once you’ve done that, you won’t have too much room left on your plate — but you can feel free to fill the remainder with whatever decadent options you feel like enjoying.

various buffet items on a carnival cruise

Avoid Snacking Between Meals

Since many of the food options are all-inclusive, it can be tempting to eat all throughout the day. If you want to be as healthy as possible, you should try to avoid snacking between the main meals. Save those calories for the expertly prepared dishes at the restaurants listed above!

Choose Light Drinks When Possible

It’s a vacation, so of course you’re going to have some drinks. If you want to make healthy drink choices, simply choose lighter drinks when you can. This might mean a light beer, a diet soda or unsweetened tea. Make sure to have at least one indulgent drink on your cruise though!

cocktail drink in front of port hole

Truly Savor Each Meal

One of the best ways to stay healthy on a cruise is to truly savor each and every bite of your meals. By taking the time to fully appreciate your food, you will eat slower and be less inclined to go for seconds (or thirds).

While eating healthy on your cruise is certainly an admirable goal, it’s important to also remember that you are on vacation! Don’t be afraid to indulge a bit more than usual — after all, you aren’t on a cruise most of the year!