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5 Lesser-known travel destinations that are real treats

Consider these spots “hidden getaways”, and check one out for your next trip!

Some destinations are famous for very good reasons: Rome, Paris, New York City. But there are also less popular spots that are truly treats themselves.

One way to treat yourself on a trip is to go somewhere entirely new! It doesn’t hurt you’ll probably get to tell friends and family about a cool vacation spot they haven’t seen either. 

So if you’re looking for lesser-known travel destinations, here are the top spots to start:

Pink flamingos standing on the beach in Aruba
Some of Aruba’s more colorful inhabitants.

ABC Islands

There’s a reason Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao are often grouped together and referred to as “ABC”.

For American travelers they’re a bit farther out as they are the westernmost of the Leeward Antilles. They’re also further south than popular spots like The Bahamas, Jamaica, and even Barbados.

What does that mean? Even. Warmer. Weather. Head to the beautiful beaches on any of these islands any time of year and you’ll likely catch temps at least in the mid-80s. Not to mention crystal clear Caribbean waters.

Norwegian style houses along the waterfront in Bergen, Norway
The most picturesque view of Bergen may be from the water.

Bergen Norway

Norway is rightfully famous for their fjords. These impressive narrow inlets reach far inland, and are often flanked by towering cliffs and even waterfalls! They’re the main draw of the incredible coastlines of Scandinavia.  

Yet city life there is equally unique. Bergen is the second largest city in the country, but somehow still feels like a small town. Houses on hillsides, narrow cobblestoned streets, and an iconic fishing wharf all add to the charm. Plus, a central fish market supplies residents and restaurants with the North Sea’s bounty. The Bryggen Waterfront also offers the most quintessential view: colorful, Norwegian homes lining the water with rocky hills rising behind them.

Observatory above Mount Wellington in Hobart, Tasmania
The best way to take in Tasmania? From on top of it!

Hobart, Tasmania

For many, hearing “Tasmania” may bring to mind a certain “devil”, which is of course one of the wild animals you can see in Australia. There are other reasons to see the island of Tasmania, which sits south of Melbourne.

Near the capital of Hobart, you can take in truly panoramic views of the River Derwent and surrounding islands from the observation tower atop Mount Wellington. So take a hike and take in the view! Wineries and breweries abound as well, and so if you’re taking the bucket list trip to Australia, a stop in “Tassie” (as the locals call it) is well worth it!

View upwards from a cenote in Mexico
Take a trek to these hidden gems in the jungle!

Yucatan, Mexico

The Mexican state of Yucatan sees far less visitors than Quintana Roo, the state to its east,  which is home to vacation hotspots like Cozumel and Cancun, as well as Mayan ruins in Tulum.

But if you trade the Caribbean for the Gulf of Mexico, Yucatan has many of its own draws as well. For one, lush rainforests can be found throughout the many nature reserves that dot the state—like the impressive Reserva Estatal Geohidrológica Anillo de Cenotes.

As the name suggests, you can also find “cenotes” there—freshwater sinkholes and caves where you can safely jump in, swim, and snorkel in the crystal clear water. Add in the vibrant city of Merida, one of the top places to travel in 2022, and you’ve got plenty to check out on your next trip!  


 A single boat sailing outside of Matla
This magnificent island sits between Europe and Africa.


It’s easy to understand why a tiny island nation in the Mediterranean is overshadowed by famed Greek isles, and its much larger Italian neighbor the island of Sicily to the north.

But Malta has plenty to offer. Its ideal location meant that the island changed hands many times throughout history, and so the influence of Romans, Moors, French, and British can all be seen in Maltese architecture. Tour the megalithic temples, Baroque buildings, churches, and even palaces in the capital Valletta and it will instantly be clear why it was named a UNESCO World Heritage site.