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5 Reasons Winter Travel Can Be The Reset You Need

There are so many benefits to planning a vacation!

There are plenty of reasons to love traveling: seeing new places, experiencing new cultures, eating new food, and taking on new adventures. But are you aware of the benefits travel can have for your mind and body? You can come back from a trip with more than souvenirs.

By the middle of winter, it’s normal to be thinking about going somewhere to warm up—and with good reason—but here are some other important travel benefits that can help you return home ready to take on the world!

There are plenty of Caribbean beaches, why not switch it up?

Keeping your mind sharp

Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but it makes sense! As you go through your daily life and routine, there’s probably not a lot of new experiences or surprises every day, but there are when you’re traveling somewhere new. As your mind processes new situations, it’s challenged in new ways.

So what does this mean for your vacation? Try not to go to the same destination back-to-back; there’s a big world to explore! If you’re a fan of the Caribbean in winter—and who wouldn’t be?—mix it up with the variety of gorgeous beaches, from The Bahamas to Puerto Rico to Belize.

Experiencing new cultures can be as fun as taking in a flamenco show!

Making you more creative

Being exposed to new cultures in new places can open up your thinking, making you more creative when you return home. There’s no telling what enhanced creativity could mean for your job, school, or weekend activities!

The best way to become more creative through travel is to really dive in and experience new cultures. This could be checking out the intricate, indigenous carvings in Sitka, Alaska, exploring the ancient Mayan culture in Mexico, or even flamenco dancing in Seville, Spain!

Reducing stress

OK, this one may be a bit more obvious—being on a warm beach with a cold drink really melts the stress away. Travelers come home in a better mood, feeling more rested and less anxious. And did you know these benefits can last for weeks after your trip?

Half Moon Cay is a private island in the Bahamas that takes relaxation to a whole new level with private cabanas and villas right on the beach. But that’s not to say other islands, like St. Maarten or St. Thomas, aren’t great for stress relief too.    


You may come back from your break even bolder.

Changing your perspective

Travel is bound to shift your perception of the world because you’ll see, hear, taste, and do things you’ve never experienced before (perhaps some fiery meals?) Being immersed in the way other people live can make you realize what’s really important in your own life, and lead to new appreciation. 

Traveling is also an opportunity to shift your perspective of yourself. With so many opportunities for adventures, you can come home feeling even bolder! 

If you’ve taken a zipline through a Jamaican jungle, jumped into a cenote near Merida, Mexico, or hiked up the towering Pitons in St. Lucia, what else are you capable of?

Planning a big trip early isn’t just smart, it makes you happier too.

Making you happier

Of course we’re happier on vacation—we don’t need to work! But it turns out that even planning a trip can boost your happiness, way before you depart.

So, how can you optimize this happiness in advance? Some bucket-list trips take plenty of planning, so if you decide on your once-in-a-lifetime destination, it’s never too early to start preparing. Maybe you’ve always wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, or perhaps you’re drawn to the colorful houses and scenic canals of Copenhagen. Either way, you’ll need to travel thousands of miles and stay at least a week, so get out your planner!