The 10 Best Alaskan Shore Excursions

Are you looking for something a little bit out of the way and a little bit out of the ordinary? Then a cruise to Alaska could be for you.

Travel to Alaska is like a little gift from Mother Nature. Ok, it’s more like a big gift! Lying northwest of Canada, Alaska is known for its diverse terrain, wide open spaces, stunning mountain views and abundant wildlife. Thus it’s the perfect cruise destination for memorable experiences.

To make sure you don’t miss out on anything during your cruise vacation, we’ve made a list of some places you must see in Alaska.

Adventure Activities

When it comes to what to do in Alaska, adventure is at the top of the list! There are plenty of fun Alaskan shore excursions to help you make the most of your vacation.

1. Speed Down a Zip line

Fly high across the treetops at the Klondike Zipline Adventure Park! Begin with a short, guided drive through the quaint seaside town of Skagway. Then, after a quick nature hike from the bus stop, you’ll be fitted with safety equipment and ready to zip! Let the thrilling ropes course challenge you and the heart-pumping aerial zip lines excite you.

man zip lining between trees in klodike zipline adventure park as friends watch

2. Explore Mountain Trails

Start your day with a high-speed catamaran down North America’s longest and deepest fjord. Then jump on your four-wheel drive vehicle and get ready to drive past panoramic views of beautiful waterfalls and crystal clear creeks. Feel the crisp northern air as you drive to the highlight – panoramic views of sub-alpine meadows as seen from 1500-foot elevation. Top it all off with some time by a cozy fire, gourmet lunch and some rest before returning to the ship with timeless memories.

elevated view of the snowcapped mountain range in alaska

3. Glacier Watch in Style

Fly in a classic seaplane oVisit Sitever the Juneau Icefield for a view of 5 breathtaking glaciers. After the thrill of your flight, you’ll land at a riverside lodge and settle in for an elegant and relaxing dinner of local wild-caught salmon. This is truly an unforgettable Alaskan excursion.

seaplane flying near breathtaking glacier in alaska

4. Ride the Yukon Railway

See the legendary Yukon Territory by train. From your departure in Skagway, you’ll climb 3,292 feet above sea level in your deluxe motor coach to White Pass. Next, enter Canada and explore the Yukon. Visit the authentic Yukon town of Caribou Crossing, marvel at sparkling lakes, and more. Between the amazing lunch location, informative guides, tales of simpler times, and the majestic views, you’ll love this combination excursion.

train traveling through yukon territory to white pass

On the Water Activities

There’s nothing quite as special as spending some time on the water, especially in a place as magical as Alaska.

5. Seafaring

Experience a day in the life of commercial fishermen. This tour takes place aboard a very famous crab fishing boat, fitted with a special on-deck aquarium for watching as the crew brings in their daily catch. Besides giant crabs and other amazing marine life, you might catch a glimpse of whales, octopus, sea lions, porpoise, sharks and seals.

commercial fisherman holding giant crab as a guest touches its shell

6. See Fjords and Glaciers

Explore the famed Tracy Arm Fjord on this popular catamaran tour. Marvel at the jaw-dropping cliffs rising 4000-feet above the serpentine sea. See glaciers, witness the wildlife, and experience “white thunder” for a true northern exposure.

 ice breaking off tracy arm fjord and crashing onto the ocean

7. All in One

If you need a little bit of everything, the Best of Juneau combination tour is definitely for you. Do 3 of Alaska’s top attractions all in one action-packed day. Visit a feeding ground for humpback whales, devour a delectable salmon bake on a wilderness island, and visit a mighty glacier. It doesn’t get more exciting than this!

 humpback whale sticking its tail out of the water during an alaska tour

Discover Wild Alaska

8. Glacier & Wildlife Quest

Stroll alongside a glacier, watch salmon spawning in a nearby stream, and look for wildlife in their natural habitat – this tour has it all. After visiting the glacier, you’ll go wildlife viewing aboard a speedy catamaran customized for your excursion. Lookout for humpback whales, sea lions, porpoises, harbor seals, bald eagles, and Sitka black-tailed deer.

 bald eagle gliding down with open wings to catch its prey

9. Roam with the Bears

There is more than sea life in Alaska! This once-in-a-lifetime wildlife expedition from the port of Ketchikan features the awe-inspiring black bears of southeast Alaska. See the bears up close in their natural habitat.

alaskan black bear holding on to a fish with its mouth as it hunts by the river

10. Go Mushing

Dog lovers, this excursion is for you! Learn about mushers and their sleds, take part in a real mush ride, and interact with the dogs, all in a spectacular outdoor setting. You’ll even see the charming town of Skagway on your way to the mush.

pair of tourists recording their dog sled ride on a dirt road in alaska

From the pristine landscape of Glacier Bay to untamed mountain forests, Alaska is one of the last remaining frontiers. This natural wonderland is lesser explored and enchantingly wild. A cruise to Alaska is a must-have experience, and you can have it right now.