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Top 10 Things to Buy in Princess Cays

A private Bahamian island, Princess Cays is a breath-taking tropical paradise with miles of gorgeous unspoiled beaches and an exciting collection of artisan products. Located on the southern tip of the island of Eleuthera, Princess Cays is a hot spot for local shopping and exciting activities. Take in the culture as you snag a few precious souvenirs to remind you of your island cruise vacation.

Thinking about what to buy in Princess Cays? The beautiful island has its own set of unique gifts, from crystals and jewelry to local crafts and artwork at retail shops. We’ve curated the top 10 can’t-miss shopping ideas for your upcoming cruise to Princess Cays.

1. Natural Bath Soaps

If you like the thought of showering with artisan bath soaps blended with essential oils from the tropics, then you certainly need to stop at the local shops. Unlike commercial options, these earth-toned natural soaps are not drying on the skin. Uniquely designed and lightly-scented, these bath soaps make the perfect gift for loved ones with sensitive skin.

variety of natural bath soaps from princess cays with different colors and scents

2. Crystal Design Pieces

Find beautiful crystal designs in a range of themes on the island. Crystals are organic elements thought to help heal the human body and put it in balance. Each type is unique, having different beneficial properties. These gorgeous crystals help clear the mind and promote peace and tranquility. On your shopping excursion, choose hard-to-find gemstones such as the attractive emerald-green uvarovite and stunning reddish-orange citrine for making beautiful ornaments or great gifts for friends and family.

3. Leather Assortments

Leather is an excellent souvenir item, and with good care, can last you a lifetime. Find leather assortments from handbags and wallets to shoes and belts. In Princess Cays, you can select from several elegant statement accessories made with native motifs such as shells or beads. If you like your leather without much fuss, there are a range of styles that might just have the right touch to suit your taste.

backpack, belt, watch, wallet and glasses case made from leather

4. Jewelry

Princess Cays is the perfect place to shop for attractive jewelry pieces with tropical accents including sea glass pendants, shell-encrusted necklaces and exquisite pearl drop earrings. You can even find charm bracelets as well as unique charms, dinner rings, and sterling silver pendants. For pure gold accessories, Princess Cays is also known for carrying elegant gold jewelry and adornments.

5. Andros Batik Fabric

Inspired by the beauty of the island, this world-famous fabric is made by stenciling each piece of the delicate fabric with a hand-carved sponge. Patterns feature corals, hibiscus flowers and other island motifs. Unique to the islands, batiks have been a source of pride in the Bahamian culture since 1973. Customers have the choice of buying fabrics by the yard, quilted blocks, or a variety of ready-made clothing and home goods. You can choose to buy cruise-wear, kid’s clothing, table linens and other beautiful accessories.

woman adding batik designs on a white cloth in princess cays

6. China Dinnerware

Beautifully-crafted fine china patterns will add elegance and grace to your tabletop and mantle. Find china dinnerware sets and display pieces that are both functional and classic. China sets are sophisticated souvenirs that can last a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation. Timeless styles are those with subtle design features. Consider a dinnerware set with a soft egg-shell background and fine-blue design motifs that can double for formal entertainment and as a decorative piece.

7. Paintings and Sculptures

Taking home Bahamian artwork is a great way to capture unique and authentic products during your cruise to The Bahamas. It’s also a positive show of support for local artisans who make exclusive handmade souvenirs. You are sure to enjoy these cultural art pieces that include canvas paintings depicting the Bahamian lifestyle and fascinating wood sculptures.

person hand carving a wooden sculpture in princess cays

8. Straw Hats and Weaved Baskets

One of the best ways to ensure you walk away from Princess Cay with lasting memories is to buy craft goods. Nothing expresses the Bahamian culture better than having locally-inspired, hand-crafted art. The Bahamas is known for its master weavers and the craft goods found on the island feature a variety of eclectic products including straw hats, woven totes, and shell-encrusted straw handbags

9. T-Shirts

T-shirts always make for a fun, no fuss gift or souvenir. In Princess Cays, there are many decorative designs and styles. Choose styles from vintage tees and tank tops to warm and cool-weather tees. All handcrafted and designed with different and attractive island motifs.

10. Rum Cakes

One of the most popular, and world-renowned treats on the Princess Cays are rum cakes. You simply must take one with you on your travels back home or you’ll regret it. The Bahamas penchant for rum comes with a long history of rum production and peddling. Today it is packaged nicely into an amazingly moist, potent and delicious treat. Take a taste of Princess Cays home with this decadent dessert.

plate of fresh rum cake from princess cays made with raisins and nuts

On Carnival, you have a full day at Princess Cays to shop in the straw market, visit the jewelry shop, select your rum cake flavors and so much more. Your memory of the island will likely continue long after you’ve departed.