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Beautiful Bays in the Isle of Pines

The Isle of Pines is one of the most beautiful places in New Caledonia and has been dubbed as the closest island to paradise. With its transparent waters, incredible array of tropical fish and corals, it provides perfect opportunities for snorkeling and swimming. Here are our top 4 bays in this tropical wonderland:

1. Oro Bay

The ‘natural swimming pool’ in Oro Bay is just magical. Surrounded by 40-metre native pine trees, and crystal turquoise waters full of colorful tropical fish, this place will take your breath away.

snorklers looking at the fishes in oro bay

2. Kuto Bay

This bay is a truly picturesque location with all the trappings of the South Pacific- translucent shallow waters, fine soft white sand and towering lush palms. There is a beach bar, a restaurant and food stalls selling local delights.

mother and children play in the sand while carnival ship sails in the background

a large resort on kuto bay

3. Kunamera Bay

Kunamera Bay is a short walk from Kuto Bay and is home to La Rocher, the famous Sacred Rock which sits in sparkly blue and green waters. It’s a beautiful spot to swim and snorkel and take in the natural wonders.

people looking out at kanumera bay

a hut on the corner of kanumera bay

4. Upi Bay

Sail around the blue lagoon on a traditional outrigger and explore the stunning sights of Upi Bay. Stop off or a swim in the pristine waters or take a walk in its tranquil rain forest.

a boat sailing past a giant rock in upi bay

an aerial view of upi bay