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Beautiful Caribbean Flowers To Look For On Your Next Trip

Beauty is blooming all over the islands!

One of the best parts of traveling is appreciating natural beauty, and a country’s flowers are some of the first beauties any traveler will recognize.

The Caribbean is especially bursting with color, whether that’s a Caribbean hibiscus or a Caribbean parrot tulip, so it’s a prime stop for flower enthusiasts!

Hibiscus flower in the sun
Hibiscus are ubiquitous throughout the Caribbean.

Hibiscus: Bahamas 

Some flowers seem to shout “tropical” more than others, and the hibiscus is at the top of the list! In warm climates like the Bahamas you’ll see these flowers growing all over, and you can’t miss their large circular flowers and brilliant colors! Hibiscus can be pink, white, yellow, red, or purple, so it can make the perfect accent to any room, table, or even your hair.  

What’s more, they bloom all year long and their petals are even edible! If you come across hibiscus ice cream or ice tea, be sure to give it a try.

Yellow and orange dahlia flowers
Dahlias are so well liked in Mexico that they’re the national flower!

Dahlia: Mexico

With over 30,000 native flowers blooming all throughout Mexico, the dahlia stands out from a competitive crowd as the country’s national flower. With roots stemming back even before the Aztecs, this sweet, simple flower was admired for more than just its beauty. It was once used in ancient Mexico as medicine for all kinds of ailments!

There are over a thousand types of dahlias in existence today, ranging from tall cactus dahlias to the small, decorative varieties. The flower is the perfect symbol of Mexico’s rich history and diversity.

Pink roses in the sun.
The rose is only one of the national flowers of St. Lucia.

Rose and Marguerite: St. Lucia

Why have one national flower when you can have two? For St. Lucia, both the rose and the marguerite flowers represent an important part of the nation’s culture. There are two floral societies that some Saint Lucians belong to—and the names of these societies? La Rose and La Marguerite!

The famous rose is bright and striking, while the marguerite is small with tightly packed purple petals. Each year, the country hosts festivals in honor of these flowers. With blooms so beautiful, it’s easy to see why!

Black orchid flowers
One of the most unique orchids you’ll find.

Black Orchid: Belize 

The orchid has existed as far back as 100 million years, and is known to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest, types of flowers in the world. The black orchid of Belize, also known as the clamshell orchid, is a uniquely whimsical variety.

The flowers bloom year round on trees and are known for their distinctive shape that some say look like a 5-legged octopus! Since they grow in damp areas specifically, they’re a beauty that can take a little seeking out!

Red and orange Caribbean tulips .
The “parrot” tulip is named for its feathery, colorful petals.

Caribbean Parrot Tulip: Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten 

Caribbean parrots, a variety of tulips, earn their name for their feathery petals and tropical colors of yellow, orange, and bright pink. These large, flamboyant tulips bloom on tall stems, reaching high and soaking up all the gorgeous sunlight found in the islands of Aruba, Curaçao, and St. Maarten.

Much like their namesakes, parrot tulips make a big statement, and are truly a natural work of art.