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A Tropical Haven: Unwind at Magen’s Bay Beach in St. Thomas

Hello there, fellow travelers! Picture this: a tropical getaway where the sun shines on palm-lined beaches and sparkling clear blue waters. And where historical monuments mingle with modern marvels like old friends. 

We are, of course, talking about St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Consider this blog your trusty guide for any journey around St. Thomas. Join us as we take you through some of the bucket list-worthy sights and activities you can find in this pirate haven-turned-Caribbean escape. Adventure awaits!

Port of Departure: Where to Book From

Explore the beauty of St. Thomas with the convenience of multiple departure points. Whether you’re in sunny Florida, bustling New York, charming South Carolina, coastal Alabama, vibrant Texas, or historic Maryland, there’s a port ready to set you on a journey to paradise. Choose your departure point and set sail for an unforgettable St. Thomas experience, no matter where you are in the USA.

Get to Know St. Thomas

POV: you just stepped off your ship onto the dock of stunning St. Thomas. The island’s beautiful port is just a short walk from the vibrant downtown Charlotte Amalie, the capital of St. Thomas. Deciding on the coolest St. Thomas excursion is no easy feat. Our top picks include driving an underwater motor scooter on the BOSS Underwater Adventure, a ½ day sailing trip to another island on the St. John Champagne Catamaran Sailaway, being whisked away to secluded islands on the Fast Cat Turtle Bay Snorkel & Honeymoon Beach cruise, or snagging the ultimate photo opportunity during Magen’s Bay Beach and Skyride to Paradise Point.

If you aren’t feeling up for an excursion, there are plenty of other ways to explore! Walk or taxi from the port to explore Charlotte Amalie’s Danish colonial architecture, Blackbeard’s Castle and the 1600s watchtower. Bonus for all our resident shopaholics: no other city in the Caribbean is as well-known for its shopping scene, including locally-made souvenirs, art galleries and high-end luxury goods.

A Picture-Perfect Perch: Drake’s Seat

Let’s talk paradise. Specifically, Paradise Point. The Magen’s Bay Beach and Skyride To Paradise Point excursion will take you on an adventure up the island’s crest to the North Side of the island, called Drake’s Seat. 

This adventure comes along with views for days: you’ll ride in an open-air safari bus that will allow you to soak up the views and snap every perfect picture you can imagine. 

A St. Thomas throwback: legend has it that in the 1500s, Sir Francis Drake used this lookout point to command his fleet and spy for the Queen of England on unsuspecting Spanish ships coming toward St. Thomas. Even if you left your spyglass at home (or maybe you brought it, we don’t judge!), Drake’s Seat offers up the best panoramic views imaginable. Did someone say “photo op?”

Diving Into Fun Together at Magen’s Bay

If heaven is a place on earth, it is Magen’s Bay. The horseshoe-shaped slice of dreamy sand, sun and waves is just 5 miles away from the St. Thomas port. Room for activities? Yep. As one of the longest beaches on the island, you can create your own little slice of heaven. 

This public beach park and slice of paradise was donated to the people of the Virgin Islands in 1946. The waters of Magen’s Bay are as calm as can be, making it the perfect place for a leisurely stroll along the sandy shores, a little exploration in the Magen’s Bay arboretum or a relaxing swim. For those craving a splash of excitement, there are paddleboards, kayaks, beach chairs, floaties and more available for rent. All said, it’s impossible not to fall head-over-flip flops for this heart-shaped beach.

How to Get to Magen’s Bay from Your Cruise Port

To get to Magen’s Bay, you have a few options; the quickest and easiest way to beachside bliss is to grab a taxi at the port, then sit back and relax for the 20-minute journey. If you’d rather explore the island more independently, a rental car is the way to go. Most rental companies have rides available at the cruise port, but don’t forget that driving here means embracing the left side of the road!

Taking Things to New Heights: St. Thomas Skyride to Paradise Point

You thought the fun ended there? Guess again! After a few hours at Magen’s Bay, you might be craving a little more adventure. You and the thrillseekers in your life can head to the nearby St. Thomas SkyRide at Paradise Point. Whisking visitors 700 feet above sea level over the island, the SkyRide reveals St. Thomas’ beauty from a perspective that would have even Sir Francis Drake shaking in his boots with awe. 

Snap some FOMO-worthy pics to make your followers jealous, treat yourself to a tropical cocktail (or two) and soak in the view before taking the 7-minute ride back down. Now that’s what we call a ticket to paradise!

Now that you’re a pro in everything St. Thomas, why not explore our sailings? Don’t miss out on the fun!