Top 10 Things to Buy in Mahogany Bay

If this is your first time traveling to Mahogany Bay, Honduras, you may be interested in learning about the unique items that you can buy for yourself and your loved ones as souvenirs to remember your trip. Honduras is known for many delectable and colorful souvenirs that will serve as the perfect way to bring a little bit of the Caribbean home with you. Here is our top 10 list of what to buy in Mahogany Bay.

carnival valor docked at mahogany bay

1. Locally Made Rum

The Caribbean islands are known for their rum for a reason — it’s delicious, varied and pretty inexpensive. Because sugar cane, which is the basis for rum, is grown on most of the islands, you will find this amber liquor freely sold throughout Honduras, and it’s a great souvenir to remind you of your time in Mahogany Bay.

2. Rum Cakes

Rum is so popular here that they have even made it into a delectable dessert, rum cakes. Taste and smell are said to be some of the most potent ways to recall memories, so what better way to remember your trip than by taking home a taste of Honduras. These sweet, tasty cakes are easily found in Mahogany Bay and will provide you a little tasty memory of your trip.

3. Local Art

From photography to art made from recycled material, selecting a few pieces to take home with you is a great way to both support local communities and have a substantial souvenir that will be with you for years to come. You can get some incredible underwater photography to capture the beauty of the depths, or take home handmade driftwood carvings. Art also makes a great gift for loved ones back home, and you can rest assured that anything you choose will be one of a kind.

4. Coffee

Honduras is also known for its rich, delicious coffee. Coffee is a local good and thus plentiful on the island, and makes for a yummy and easy souvenir to bring home for friends and family. It’ll also keep your suitcase and cabin smelling like a freshly brewed cup of coffee to keep you going on your journey!

bags of coffee beans for sale

5. Hammocks

What better way to take a piece of the island home than by bringing a way to relax? During your travels you will see that hammocks are extremely popular throughout the island — and for good reason! They provide an airy and comfortable way to relax indoors and outside. While shopping in Mahogany Bay, you’ll probably see quite a few hammocks for sale, so if you think you can squeeze it into your suitcase, it’s the perfect island treasure to bring home!

hammocks in outdoor market

6. Cigars

For the cigar lovers out there, you won’t want to miss out on this local treasure! There are plenty of cigar vendors in Mahogany Bay who will roll you cigars right on the spot so you can take home fresh cigars to remember your trip. They will also be significantly cheaper than the equivalent back home, so for the true connoisseur, there’s no better combination of quality and cost.

hand made cigars from mahogany bay

7. Chocolate

Chocolate is another local delicacy that you won’t want to miss. There is even a chocolate factory in Roatan where you can see how the chocolate is made before buying it right on the premises. Talk about fresh! Chocolate is certainly a crowd pleaser, so it is a perfect gift for those back home and is readily available throughout Mahogany Bay!

8. Conch Shell Jewelry

Shell jewelry is an iconic souvenir to bring back from the Caribbean, and one that you will see all over the shops in Mahogany Bay. This delicate, pink shell makes the perfect necklace or bracelet for anyone who wants to add a bit of island flair to their outfit. They are iconic to the Caribbean and hard to find elsewhere, so it can be a great souvenir for yourself or gift for loved ones back home!

conch shell necklace from mahogany bay

9. Colorful Clothing

While you’re on your trip, why not get into the island spirit and dress with a bit more color? You’ll find plenty of floral shirts and sarongs at the shops in Mahogany Bay, which are slightly more airy and fun than what you might wear back home! They are also practical for a beach day because of the light fabric. Sarongs can even become decorative once you’re back home to brighten up your home! You can also buy a shirt from your favorite dive shop to help support the local community!

 colorful woven fabrics and clothing

10. Music

Do you just love the sounds of the music that you hear floating around Mahogany Bay? There’s no need to leave those sights and sounds there, as plenty of places will be happy to sell you CDs featuring all of the chilled out music that carried you along during your trip. Just pop that disk in when you get back home and you’ll be back on vacation.

hands of a street musician playing the drums

As you can see, there are so many wonderful and unique souvenirs that you can buy to bring home and make your trip memories last a lifetime.